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Simplify your registration /ticket sales at the venue using Explara’s point-of-sale mobile app or web app, accept cash, card payment, and automatically sync with your attendee list.

Suitable for Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Meetings, and Festivals
Explara - Startup Weekend
Explara - TEDx
Explara - Promise Foundation
Explara - IEEE
Explara - FOAID
Explara - LetsVenture
Explara - OrangeScape
Explara - PyCon

Mobile App

Explara Point of Sale Mobile APP

Web App

Use Explara web application at your venue to manually check-in your attendees or connect barcode reader with your computer running Explara to validate attendee. Use powerful search filters to search any user quickly. View reports on how many users have checked-in, how many yet to check-in.

Explara Point of Sale Web App

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