Explara Plugin for Event Registration

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Explara Plugin for Event Registration


Event Type

Setup event for RSVP, Ticket sales, Conference registration, and Invitation only event (private event). Use event syntax as suitable for your event such as ticketing or registration or donation.

Ticket Type

Setup free or paid tickets, unlimited ticket types, set separate rule for each ticket type and price variations.

Custom Form

Use Explara custom form builder to collect data from your attendees. Form builder allows you to create unlimited fields of various types. Save forms for reusing for future events.

Mobile ready

Your online event page has a mobile friendly, minimalistic page ready for your audiences to access and buy tickets.

Your own domain name

Use your own domain name with Explara, map your CNAME for all your events for example: "" will redirect to "" which will give a boost to your event searches

Free SSL certificate

With your own domain name, we offer you free SSL certificate (offered via LetsEncrypt) for all your account (all pages and application) on Explara. This will strengthen your domain & site security.

Event Website Builder

Design your event page using Explara website builder and themes, use your own color, logo, branding to align with your event brand. Add more static pages to your event website.

Email templates

Customize all your email templates with your own logo, content and links. Integrate your AWS SES, Mandrill, Sendgrid account to send mail via your own email gateway.

Manage on the go

Manage your entire event on the go by accessing site from anywhere, anytime. Update your content and setup to reflect real-time.

Sales Management

Ticket Sales on your site

Easy to use widgets to integrate ticket sales on your site help your traffic & audience to quickly register/ buy tickets. Retain your brand, and avoid redirection issues.

Unlimited Ticket Types

There's no limit to the number or type of tickets you can sell. Each ticket type settings allows extensive options to limit number of attendees per ticket, start & end date, cancellation, refund, transfer and more.

Flexible Fee Settings

Plan your ticket type pricing to charge extra fees to buyer/ absorb fee in your ticket price. Use a global formula or setup each ticket type differently.

Buyer Validation

Validate your buyers using global rules such as one email - one buyer, allowed domains, allowed email ids, and more custom form fields.

Ticket Categorization

Organize ticket by category, parent-child association (dependent tickets), date based, session based and members-only type.

Recurring Ticket Sales

Offer recurring ticket sales by using date based ticket types for classes, workshops, meetups and more.

Session Ticket Sales

Create multi-session events and allow your attendees to buy for a specific session. Setup ticket pricing differently for each session.


Offer different ticket types based on different currencies. This makes it easy for your global attendees to pay in their own currency. The pricing will be controlled by one base currency that can be set from your dashboard and modify at any time.

Member-only Ticket Sales

Create ticket types for members-only. This allows to host events where both members and public attendees are allowed and system takes care of validating and offering relevant fees.

Register Guest/Attendees

Your team can register guest/ attendees on their behalf by using the add guest module. This allows you to bring special guest/ dignitaries/ VIPs by booking ticket on their behalf.

Inventory management

Manage your entire inventory with Explara. Track per ticket type and setup sales process to live, pause and close as per inventory limit.

Payment Processing

Free Ticketing/ RSVP/ Registration

Use Explara for free ticketing/ registration for your events. You can host events having free ticket types and paid ticket types.


Offer different registration types based on different currencies. This makes it easy for your global attendees to pay in their own currency. The pricing will be controlled by one base currency that can be set from your dashboard at any time.

Pay as you wish

Hosting donation events for non-profit/ charities to let your attendees pay as they wish? Explara makes it easy to enable ‘pay as you wish’ option to let attendees pay as per their wish, and system takes care of tracking payments.

Bring Your Own Payment Gateway

Explara offers custom payment gateway integration as per your choice. This helps you to manage your existing payment process and operations.

Direct Bank Payment

Explara offers direct bank payments such that attendees can sent the payment to your bank account directly and your team can register them/ release ticket upon confirmation. This helps bulk buying/ registrations for corporates.

Paypal/ Stripe Integration

You can easily integrate your Paypal/ Stripe account to receive payments directly to your account. This is the fastest way to go live and sell premium tickets/ registrations.

Pay at Venue

Do you want to process pay at the venue? Using Explara mobile app, you can collect cash payment at the venue to complete the registration and manage centralized inventory.

Direct Payment Processing

Explara allows to get your payment instantly to your bank account. No need to wait for event closure and/ or long process.

Promotions & Marketing


You can display and sell your event tickets from anywhere. Explara’s registration widget allows you to sell event tickets from your official and affiliate websites. It’s a simple piece of code that you can copy and paste to display the ticket registration at the place of your choice on your site.

Sell on Facebook

One-click integration with your Facebook Page to show ‘Buy Ticket/ Register’ for events. Your Facebook fans can browse your event tickets and buy/ register directly on your Facebook page.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Create and manage multiple discounts and codes as part of your campaigns. You can create bulk discounts, code based discounts, flat discounts and even re-engagement discounts. All changes made are instantly reflected on the websites and Facebook pages.

Affiliates & referrals

Invite affiliates and referrals to upsell your event tickets/ registrations. Track their sales and offer them revenue share/ rewards to appreciate their support.


Explara tracks and manages all your past event attendees, you can re-engage them by offering discount codes to join for new events you organize.

Event reviews

Enable option to let your customers leave SEO-friendly & brand-friendly event reviews on your website. This further influences social word of mouth to increase sales.

Search engine optimized

Explara supports best practices for SEO for your event page. This helps potential customers/ audiences to find your events using search engines.

Email marketing

You can use Explara’s Marketing Tools to run your email campaigns 100x cheaper, using your AWS SES gateway. You can as well export database to MailChimp email marketing platform.

Social media integration

Explara offers social media integration such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more that helps increase engagement & spread the word about your events to a wider spectrum.

Team & Collab


Give your account more power by adding more team members/ managers/ partners as co-administrators. This allows you to collaborate among your key decision makers.

Bring your team

Bring your team members to manage marketing, accounting, operations and support for your event management.

Access Control

Enable fine-grained permission levels for your team members as per their roles/ responsibilities. Each team member can use their own login on Explara to access your event organizing functionalities.

Data & Report

Attendee List

Access your attendees via our dynamic tables with various custom columns to quickly filter/ search a specific attendee. Download entire attendee list as CSV file for importing to your own database/ CRM.

Incomplete Order

Explara tracks all your incomplete orders to help you to re-engage the audience for checkout. You can use this data during the event and/ or for future events.

Funnel Analytics

Explara offers you checkout funnel such as incomplete, success, ticket type sales and daily views.

Reports & Charts

Easy to use reports and charts for revenue, attendee, discount, daily sales, traffic, and other performance indicators. You can also download all of your data at any point of time you need right from the dashboard.

24/7 Support

Dedicated Support team

Access your attendees via our dynamic tables with various custom columns to quickly filter/ search a specific attendee. Download entire attendee list as CSV file for importing to your own database/ CRM.

Contact Explara support team.

Explara Help Center

Our help centre contains FAQs, guides, tutorials and extensive step by step instructions on how to use our products.

Browse the Explara Help Center

DIY Support Ticketing

Explara offers contact form to allow your attendees/ event site visitors to raise support queries. This allows you to capture any queries and gather as tickets under support module.

Mobile App

Point of Sale

Sell tickets or register your attendees at the venue using Explara mobile app. Easy to manage your online and at the venue inventory, sales, payment processing/ free registration.


Manage your gate entry/ at the venue entry using Explara mobile app QR code/ barcode validator/ manual check. You can use offline feature to ensure seamless check-in without any disruption.

Branded Event App

Use our Mobile App Builder to get a branded mobile app for attendee engagement, notification, gamification, survey, digital brochure, and networking.

Exhibitor Lead App

Hosting an exhibition? Use our lead generation app for exhibitors to allow them to generate lead of visitors to their booth/ kiosk by scanning QR code/ visitor badge.


Google Sheet

Integrate your Google sheet with Explara to create new row record for each new attendee or a cancelled attendee or a when new event is created. Explara offers you dozens of triggers to enable this via Zapier.


Take your data to your Mailchimp email list to send custom emails as per your workflow. Using Explara triggers integrated via Zapier, you have the complete freedom of extending your email workflows.

Salesforce/ Zoho/ Freshsales

Want to add every new attendee to your Salesforce/ Zoho/ Freshsales/ Hubspot/ other CRM database as Lead/ Contact? Using Explara triggers, now you can enrich your database by seamlessly exporting data to your CRM.


With Zapier, you can integrate Explara with any of the 700+ business applications. Automate your business workflow by simple yet powerful triggers and actions.

Explara Events Plugin

Explara Events Plugin

Explara Event Manager plugin is the all-in-one event registration plugin for WordPress that integrates event management and ticketing intelligence in your wordpress website made for your events!