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There is only one way you can experience pure cultural bliss; experience the unique array of events in Kolkata! There is a reason this city is well known for its colour and character. The events in Kolkata could get the laziest person in the world on their feet and running about the city. Fortunately for you, Kolkata events will give you the experience of a lifetime and the memories that will give us a good review too! We do not want to gush, but there are quite a lot of events in Kolkata today that you should not miss out on! Find your perfect event and get booking now! Be it a cultural festival, a theatre workshop or a marathon or simply a fun and light hearted series of events in Kolkata this weekend, we have you covered in more ways than one. The upcoming events in Kolkata boast of a more vivid personality, colour and fervour, unmatched and simply perfect for all those who love to live an ah!mazing life!

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