Young Professionals in Space
Nov 24, 2017 - Nov 26, 2017
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru, Kodihalli,
Bengaluru,India View map →

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Young Professionals in Space (YPS) is an initiative to bring scientists, practitioners, engineers and leaders of the space industry and agencies in a single venue. Discuss recent research breakthroughs, technical advancements, existing opportunities and emerging space technologies. This three-day program brings in scientists, experts, engineers and researchers from different disciplines for space technology and engineering. The conference addresses the wild west of space applications, Startups in Space space, hands on space boot camp cube satellite development. The list of speakers is available online at

Some of the key features of YPinSpace program are as follows:-

  •  Distinguished Speakers with Global Outlook

We have a curated collection of speakers from all around the globe who are keen to impart their knowledge and experience to the aspiring minds. Our speakers include Dr. Paul A Rosen, from NASA, Mylswamy Annadurai, the director of ISRO and many other experts from leading aerospace industry.

  • Startups in Space 

For the first time young professionals bring in distinguished speakers from different startups in India working in the area of space technology, advancements, and nanotechnology. These are actual makers produce the small diameter Carbon Nanotubes, high bandwidth microsatellites and work on efficient Earth observation systems.

  • High Education Opportunities in Field of Engineering and Space 

By bringing in both the Space industries along with the leading universities in space Research like Colorado State University, University of Glasgow, the University of Calgary we ensure to build a bridge of the young and aspiring minds who have always dreamt of exploring the world of space.

  • Hands on Space Bootcamp

Space Boot Camp is designed to provide an overview of the spacecraft design process through a combination of theoretical and hands-on activities which includes design process, the spacecraft life cycle, and a high-level overview of satellite subsystems, while also trying to develop various hands-on prototypes to test the concepts using the CanSat satellite model.

  • Young Professionals in Space Meetup

We provide an excellent platform to bond with Young Professionals around the globe in the form of a meet up which would include fun, experience sharing, and learning activities. Though you come in as strangers, this meetup promises you to gain friends at the end of it.

  • Indian Defence Program Past Present and Future

. Who other than the giant's space and defense experts can give us the insight of the evolution of Indian Defence Programmes? and when joined by the experienced aerospace firms like Northrop Grumman AerospaceTelephonics, Bellatrix Aerospace and much more under the same roof, it is definitely a talk to look forward to.

  • Advancement in Manufacturing Technologies for Space 

This would not just be one of the conferences that promise the moon but give you a stone, but we would take you a step closer to the moon and the space out there by explaining the Manufacturing technologies and their advancements in the recent past and give you a vista to take it forward to the next level of Space age.

  1. ​Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Organiser : Puneet Mishra

Young Professional in Space

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Young Professionals in Space

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