Workshop on Customer Empathy through Design Thinking

Jun 9, 2018
09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Ideafarms, South City I, Sector 41




Between 2015-2016, almost 1000 startups shut down, a trend that continued into 2017 (source: Quartz). The reasons cited for failure: lack of funding, weak business model, failure to scale, regulations etc. No start up failed because they delighted their customers, understood them and delivered a true value proposition.

42 % of startups fail because there is no market need.
(source: YourStory)

In this product first, business first, funding first world—the value of knowing our customer first has been completely lost.

Customer Empathy

In the quest to get the business strategy right, customers sometimes get reduced to a bunch of numbers (or even an afterthought)—a target to be shot at with darts of marketing communication. Unlike a dart board, though, customers are living humans, who have emotions (shudder), and change their minds based on factors outside your control (oh, the horror).

While predicting human behaviour accurately may not be possible (unless the robots take over the human race), understanding your customer and  immersing yourself within their environment, can go a long way in making sure your value proposition addresses your customer’s latent needs.

At the Ideafarms Customer Empathy workshop, we bring back the focus on the customer. During the interactive sessions, we’ll walk you through tools and techniques of Design Thinking and learn how we can understand customers better—moving beyond numbers on a spreadsheet, to real humans.

This workshop is for you if you’re

  • Involved with the product development process, including Research and development, Project and Product management
  • Beginning to set up your business and looking to create a value proposition your customers would want
  • Running a business and are trying to identify opportunities for improving your existing value proposition
  • Work directly or indirectly with customers, such as Marketing and Communications
  • Looking to identify the underlying causes of change in customer behaviour and metrics
  • Involved in Business StrategyProduct Innovation and Concept Development
  • Looking to learn how to understand your customer
  • Curious to know how Design Thinking tools can help you in your everyday life and workplace scenarios
  • Okay with the fact that we don’t have the answers – hey, you’re our customer, and we don’t know you  (yet) ðŸ˜‰

What we’ll be doing

  • Immerse ourselves into a customer’s environment
  • Learn how to think about user needs effectively
  • Work on a live problem and practice empathising as a team
  • Use Design Thinking tools identify pain points and opportunities in a systematic way
  • And the regular stuff of workshops—interactive sessions, hands-on activities, case studies, discussions and debates

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Ideafarms, South City I, Sector 41


Workshop on Customer Empathy through Design Thinking



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