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Feb 25, 2019 09:00 AM - Feb 24, 2020 05:00 PM

PSG College Of Technology, Avinashi Road Peelamedu



About the featured course : 

About College 

PSG College of Technology established in 1951, is one of the many educational institutions nurtured by PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust. The College is government – aided, autonomous, ISO 9001 certified and affiliated to Anna University. The institution has a strong alumni base, most of them occupying coveted positions in many educational, industrial and research organizations all over the world. PSG is one among the foremost of Institutes of national importance in higher technological education, engineering, basic and applied research. The college has established 48 Centres of Excellence in the campus in association with various leading industries.

About the Facility 

  • The state of art facility at PSG College of Technology for aerodynamic research and experiments.
  • One of the unique facilities in the country
  • Technical tie up with National Aeronautics Laboratory (NAL), Bangalore. 
  • Precision measurement with an efficient data processing

Wind Tunnel Specification

Type                           Open, Subsonic, Suction type
Test Section              1.5 m x 1.5m x 6m  
Wind Speed               Up to 70 m/s
Reynolds Number    4 x 10**6
Overall Dimension   6 m x 4.5 m x 28 m
Fan                              12 blades @700 rpm using 160 kW motor
Overall Dimension    6 m x 4.5 m x 28 m
Air inlet                       Bell mouth section of 4.5 m x 6.0 m 

Measurement & Data Capture

  • Automatic control system for precision measurement and efficient data processing
  • Multiple pressure sensors.
  • Input signals controlled by NI cRIO having 667MHz dual-core FPGA processor
  • An analog input module for pressure around the test body & air velocity measurement with 4 differential channels having 500 kS/s per channel sample rate.
  • Flow Measurement: Hot-film anemometer(1-70m/s) with an accuracy of +/- 0.3m/s + 3% of mV
  • Ethernet ports enable monitor/control the setup from onsite or remote location

Salient Features

  • Flow Quality: Flow uniformity > 99.7%, turbulence <= 0.11%
  • Suction is created by an aerodynamically shaped composite fan with 12 blades of 3 meter diameter.
  • The fan speed is controlled by a Danfoss variable frequency drive.
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) center with the high end computational capabilities and software to compliment experimental fluid dynamics

Focus Industries & Areas

  • Automotive - External Aerodynamics, Cooling Studies
  • Aerospace - Landing gear studies, Wing-flap optimization (bio-mimicry), New age airfoils 
  • Infrastructural - Structural stability, Solar panel installation, High raise buildings
  • Others - High lift aerodynamic devices, UAV, Drones

Areas of Research    

  • Decelerator Aerodynamics 
  • Development of High Lift Devices 
  • Unsteady and High Angle of Attack Aerodynamics 
  • Transport Aircraft Studies Including Development of Airfoils
  • Missile Aerodynamics
  • Helicopter Aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamics of Road Vehicle 
  • Wind Effect on Structures 
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Power Devices  
  • Bridge Aerodynamics

For further information, contact

Jogesh - 82205 19555

PSG College Of Technology, Avinashi Road Peelamedu


Wind Tunnel Center - PSG College of Technology


Wind Tunnel Center - PSG College of Technology

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