Vedic Tarot Training Workshop with Ritambhara (Delhi)
Apr 22, 2017 - Apr 23, 2017
09:30 AM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Journey into Vedic Tarot with Ritambhara

This is a Special Process designed for those who believe that there is something more to Universe ***

So if you have been wondering on how A leads to B and how B connects to C;

If you have felt the synchronicity with Nature, Plants, Animal Wisdom;

If you have been fascinated by Mystical World, Signs and Symbols that affect our Life in Powerful manner;
If you have ever believed that there is timeless wisdom that exists in this Universe
And You are keen on Exploring it ….
Than this JOURNEY is for YOU!


What will you Discover during this Journey?
A. We work on Developing a Strong Presence within you. That itself Cures, Heals, Aids all the Surrounding. Introducing Processes that will help you create an Aura that radiates Positivity, Vitality and Instill Happiness Around).

B. At the same time, we help you understand the Significance of your Body Language, Eyes, Gestures and Voice Tonality that will create an overall impact on Communication.This is a Unique Blend of Exercises that will help you see Transformation within and without.

C. Practicing as Vedic Tarot Reader will allow you to work as a Life Coach/ Compassionate Therapist who is able to Gauge the Energies and Bring Stability in the Surroundings.
D. The Greatest Gift is -- You will develop a Deeper Sense of Self-Awareness, Peace, Harmony and Balance within your Being. This enables you to handle any of your Life Circumstances in a Powerful Manner.

E. Many people read Tarot Cards as a Hobby/Passion/feeling intrigued by Mystical World. 
This is the time that you turn this passion into a Beautiful Profession. And be available to those who really need the Guidance and Direction in Life.
We deeply believe that Vedic Tarot Reading begins with our intimate connection with Mother Earth and various forces of Nature. Therefore, the purpose of this training is to Open Yourself to the Wisdom of Natural World so every Tarot Reading that you do - will be in-sync with Universe.


Our day-to-day Life is filled with Confusion, Conflict, and Imbalance. Many times, we feel fragmented and insecure. To top it all, we will always have an apprehension about Future and certain fear of Past. Finally, we need a SOLUTION/ a piece of advice/ or some CLARITY.


Therefore, in this 2 day journey, we will introduce techniques –
To help you built Deep Energetic Connection with other being.


• Tapping into the Unconscious Realm through Ancient Energy Principles.
• Working with 5 Elements to Deepen the Intuition.
• Shamanic Process of taking Messages from Nature/ Existence.
• Understanding Transference and Counter transference.
• Most importantly, Easy and Practical guide on how to use this Wisdom for your day to day life.

P.S. Participants are required to buy this Deck before-hand - â€˜Sacred India Tarot’, created by Rohit Arya and Jane Adams. Published by Yogi Impressions 2011.
You can buy the deck from Amazon at
Contents of Training Program:


Day 1
Qi-Gong and Body Awareness Exercises
Tarot Meditation
Creation of Sacred Circle
Breath Work and Building Connections
Processes to Building Intuition and Recognizing the Energies in Body
Day 2
Qi-Gong and Body Awareness Exercises
Profound Way of Discovering the Story Behind Each Card (quick run-through of the deck)
Introducing the Art of Transformation
Discussing the Ethics and Principles of Vedic Tarot Reading
Finally, we will end with the Process of Initiation and Honoring participants with Certification.

Regular Fee: Rs. 15,000

Early Bird Fee: Rs. 12,000 (1st 10 Registrations)

Call Ritambhara 9953559330 or Shubhra: +919560891621

Participants will be provided with Sattvic meals - Breakfast, Lunches and Evening Green Tea
A Certificate & Manual (towards the end of the session) will be provided from The NewAge Foundation

About the Facilitator
Ritambhara is a Vedic Tarot Reader, Shamanic Healer and Coach for Conscious Living. After completing her Majors in Applied Psychology, she got associated with The NewAge Foundation for Greater Discoveries in Positive Psychology and Energy Work. Being a Nature Enthusiast and Shaman by heart, she travelled around to explore various Dimensions of Human Behavior. She has successfully completed the Vedic Tarot Training in Delhi, Mumbai  and Pune. And in Goa with Seekers / Therapists traveling from Native lands of Europe and North America, those who come to India intending to learn the Eastern Principles.

She is one of the Authors of ‘Holistic Wellness in NewAge’, the Best Seller Book ranking in top 3 titles under Holistic Medicine. Her Personal Coaching Sessions are Unique and out of box as she interestingly combines her Therapies with Breath Work and Himalayan Singing Bowl, in order to release Blocked Energy from Mind and Body.
For me, “Vedic Tarot Reading is the Window to Existence” It has Personally Empowered my Life, Gave me a Perception of new possibilities And helped me connect with Life Force Energy or Prana or Chi. I am Sure it will evoke changes that can have Profound Effects on your Life! 


Organiser : Ritambhara Nand

Ritambhara 9953559330 or Shubhra: +919560891621

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Vedic Tarot Training Workshop with Ritambhara (Delhi)

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