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RVCC Certification workshop( 9 module online NSE Certification program)

Fee Rs 10,000 plus GST & Special Flat Discount of Rs.8,000 for ICICI Prudential Partners.

Batch Timings :

New Batch 9 time and date to be announced soon -  for more information pls visit

Content of the RVCC Program

·       Volatility Game: Understanding concepts of money, power of compounding, definition of money, various ratios of P/E Ratio, Div Yield ratio, P/B ratio, Market Capital/GDP ratio (MG).

Actual market data is used to conduct the game and analyse the real-life situation through gamification.

·       Debt Volatility Game: Understand Debt Market Correlation with Yield, YTM, coupon, modified duration, inflation, oil, Currency. Also understand the types of bond, interest rates, credit rating, taxation- all of these through actual real-time data.

·       Technical Analysis - Volatility Game: Moving average crossovers, Charting pattern & Trend lines can predict the market trends. Understanding Nifty and specific stock movements through technical analysis. All of these will be obtained through actual dates which are put in game format.

·       Fundamental Analysis - Volatility Game: Applying filters can make the study very simple through the four golden rules of value investing.

Rule 1- Growth in earning 

 Rule 2- Management Efficiency

Rule 3- Performing Sector Companies MOAT & Competitive Advantage.

Rule 4- Favourable Valuation.

·       Derivatives & Options Game

Understanding options, long call, short call, long put, short put

Other option is trading strategy

Bullish Vertical Spread using Puts

Bearish Vertical Spread using Calls


Boric Option Pricing

Understanding Black & Scholes Option pricing

·       Financial Planning Game: Practical Illustration of

Evaluating Financial Goals

Retirement Planning

Human life Value

Education planning

·       Influencer Game - Creating Individual Pitch & Strategy:  Individual coaching of the participant to create content and vision statement.

·       Vision Game:  A game to understand the purpose & importance of Group Goals Vs Individual Goals.

Highlights of the  Modules in video format is shared below:

RVCC Module 1- The Volatility Game 

RVCC Module 2- Technical Analysis Volatility Game 

RVCC Module 3- Fundamental Analysis Volatility Game 

RVCC Module 4- Debt Volatility Game 

RVCC Module 5 - Options & Derivative Game RVCC Module 6- Vision Game 

RVCC Module 7- Influencer Game.

RVCC Module 8- Financial Planning Game 

RVCC Module 9 Mutual Fund Analysis Game  

Feedback of audience/ investors who attend Volatility Game -

Feedback of the RVCC participants

Volatility Game



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RVCC CERTIFICATION (online 9 module workshop)

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