Transitions are usually expressions
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Transitions are usually expressions, words or phrases that connect the writer's ideas and arguments and are of fundamental importance both to maintain the logic of the essay (as they give fluidity to what the writer wants to communicate and make the organization of the essay clearer), as well as to orient the reader.

Transitions facilitate the passage from one idea to another as they point out the key elements and the help me write my paper connections between ideas. All these expressions can be considered as a second level of communication that complements the argument.

The correct use of transitions demonstrates the advanced. Therefore, it is advisable to start familiarizing oneself with them as early as possible.

The following list presents a thematic classification of some of the transitions you can use. Naturally there are many others and I advise you to keep a list of them so that you can  use them in rehearsals.

- Cause: since, given that, given that, seen that, due to, because of, on account of.

- Certainty: of course, undoubtedly, without doubt, obviously, of course that.

- Contradiction: on the contrary, on the contrary, but, but that.

- Condition: in case that, provided that, unless, on condition that.

- Effect: as a consequence, then, therefore, therefore, as a result.

- Unforeseen fact: nevertheless, in spite of, even so, although.

- Uncertainty: at best, maybe, perhaps, apparently.

- Introduction of the subject: with respect to, on account of, concerning.

- Means [means]: in this way, in such a way.

- Temporal order: first, first/second, next, finally.

- Repetition: that is to say that, that is to say that, in other words.


The research paper (or report) is a piece of writing of a certain length (5 pages or more).

pages or more). The process of writing it is similar to the process of writing an essay, only that the different stages take longer.

The research paper requires more work than the essay, since the necessary information cannot be extracted either from personal experience or from the course textbooks, but must be the result of research.

It may be informative, in which case it is limited to reporting, presenting the results of the research (data and judgments).

(data and expert judgments); or critical, in which case it presents the data together with the researcher's interpretation of them, taking a certain position in view of the the prices essayassistant different judgments of the experts, and attempts to convince.

WARNING: In my opinion, the informative essay is acceptable for classes in and culture classes, but not for literature classes, since one of the purposes of literature classes is to educate and of literature classes is to educate both critical reading and writing.

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Daniel Gonzales

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Transitions are usually expressions

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