Tickle Your Story Bones - Storytelling Workshop for Parents

Aug 22, 2015 - Aug 23, 2015
10:30 AM - 01:30 PM
New Delhi,India

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Is Storytelling a parenting hazard for you?

Stuck with ideas on what to read to your child?

Or, is your child not interested in books?

Raising a reader is not an easy task! As much as we are trying to help our children'discover expressions, emotions and life through stories',we are also keen that they get a book-loving environment at home. One of the endeavours atYour Story Bagis to facilitate parents into becoming better storytellers. Why should you learn the art of storytelling? Well, why not?

Your Story Bagbelieves that there is a storyteller in each one of us and all that one needs to do is to tickle the story bone to bring out the teller. No matter what’s the age of your child, it is never too late to connect over a good book and a great story! Join the Tickle Your Story Bones Storytelling Workshop for Parents and discover the joy of storytelling for your child.

With games, exercises, activities & a book kit (to take back for child), the workshop promises to Tickle Your Story Bones. Over the workshop, we cover the following:

* Using Storytelling As A Parenting Tool

* ABC of Storytelling for Children

* Picking the Right Books

* Basic Storytelling Techniques

* How to Create Experiences Around Books

Please Note: This workshop is meant for parents of children between 1 – 6 years

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About Your Story Bag - Like every magician who has a hat full of mysterious tricks, we believe that every person needs a bag, full of stories. Magical gems of stories, hidden and revealed at the right time and place. Your Story Bag is a Storytelling, Consulting & Training Company that offers the following services:

Storytelling For Children

Your Story Bag runs an innovative story-based learning program that includes storytelling, creative arts, phonetics, role play, imagination and communication, story writing & a book club for children.

Storytelling Workshop for Teachers

Your Story Bag offers a unique Tickle Your Story Bones Workshop for Teachers. It’s a 20-hour intensive program that includes training in reading, storytelling, and dramatization with prop making.

Storytelling for Students & Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Writing a college application? Or making your first pitch to a client? Your Story Bag helpswith Students and Professionals find the right stories to make a sizzling impact.

Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs

Your Story Bag works closely with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them extract the stories in their life and using them as power tools.

Tickle Your Story Bones Workshop for Managers

Your Story Bones offers a unique creative workshop that unleashes the creative juices in managers, tickling their story bones and helping them find the storytellers hidden within.

Storytelling for Corporates

Stories humanize organizations, brands and products. Your Story Bag & StrongKofee help in making storytelling a powerful Leadership, Organizational, and Business & Communication Tool.

Tickle Your Story Bonesis the flagship storytelling workshop at Your Story Bag. The workshop has several versions for children, parents, teachers, professionals and business owners. Please drop an email to if you want a customized storytelling workshop.

About Rituparna Ghosh:

With a decade of storytelling on her back, Rituparna Ghosh is the Founder of Your Story Bag. A writer, editor and storyteller practising all three forms of storytelling – written, visual and oral, Rituparna is a compulsive storyteller. Always sniffing for a good story to tell, Rituparna feels that her past life as a journalist and television producer taught her the power of good stories. 

As an oral storyteller, she works with children in helping them ‘Discover Expressions, Emotions & Life Through Stories.’ With adults and corporates she helps them harness the power of stories and helping them find the storyteller in themselves!

Rituparna believes that there is a storyteller in each one of us. Children and adults need stories and telling skills all their life, to make sense of the world and give shape to their ideas! In November 2014, Rituparna performed as a storyteller at the prestigious Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival. As a trainer, Rituparna has trained teachers in storytelling at Delhi Public School, Bhatinda and Patiala. Besides running her own storytelling classes for children, Rituparna also tells in schools, bookstores and activity centers.

A post graduate in Content Creation & Management from School of Convergence @ IMI and a Literature Graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Rituparna has also trained students in Communications and Media.



Organiser : Rituparna Ghosh

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Tickle Your Story Bones - Storytelling Workshop for Parents

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