The Volatility Game-Volume-2

Jan 3, 2018 09:00 AM - Mar 31, 2019 05:00 PM


Welcome to the World of Financial Freedom Fraternity !


We Take This opportunity to invite you to come on Board as a Volatility Coach.

This is a whole new world where you can take your business to a whole another level.


The basic purpose of your life membership to the Financial Freedom Fraternity is to become more proactive in the following ways :

1.    Become more engaging with your investors.

2.    Conduct more effective IAPs and client meets.

3.    Gamification of Personal Finance.

4.    Reach out to more and more people to expand, grow and help the people of India become financially free.

5.    Expand 100x with more engagement and gamification of Personal Finance.

6.    Interact, network and learn from the Fraternity Members.


We will share the following with you as soon as you become the life member of the Financial Freedom Fraternity.

1.    User ID and Password to download the game software, Volatility Game PPT,s, creen games, videos and links to all Master classes happening every month . ( Also all new updates and game in the coming year - all at no cost which will be launched in the years to come)

2.    Copy of The Volatility Game (VG) Book .

3. Zoom ID to attend the monthly Master class to grow your business every month. ( Normally we organise a 2 hr Monthly Master class online for the Fraternity on 2nd Saturday of every month. Recording is shared on the same day and the video is uploaded on the dash board for further reference of the members. 


After you decide to join the Tribe of Financial Freedom Fraternity , Please share the following details as reply to this email and add CC to :

- Please share your GSTIN to receive the credit of GST payment. ( Not APPlicable in your case)

- Please share your Postal Address :

Name in which licence is to be held

ARN, Email , Ph No, Date of Birth  

Please specify the date/schedule by which you will be making the payments :

Life Membership Fees : Rs.41000 + 18% GST



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