the longer yard dharavi tour

Mar 17, 2016 - Jun 30, 2019
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Colaba, Colaba
₹ 1300 onwards

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This tour is a half day experience, abolishing all preconceived notions of this large slum area in Mumbai. Dharavi is much more than a historic area of Mumbai's poverty. Dharavi's industries get an annual turnover of approximately US$665 million and this tour shows how most of that revenue is created, through a wide range of these activities: recycling, pottery-making, embroidery, bakery, soap factory, leather tanning, poppadom-making and many more. Most of these things are created innovatively, in very small spaces!

Before the visit to Dharavi slum by automobiles, the visitors will pass through other well known locations of notoriety such as Kamathipura (red light area) as well as famous tour spots like Dhobi Ghat (big open air laundry). The guide in charge gives a detailed description of all these spots. Another aspect that the visitors witness is the diversity in religion, custom and belief however a sense of unity is definitely experienced, even from an outsider's point of view. When passing through the residential spaces, you will most certainly feel the sense of community and spirit that exists in this slum area in Mumbai. The diversity is apparent in the temples, mosques and churches that stand side by side.


  • Operates every day
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Morning Tour: 8:30 AM
  • Afternoon Tour: 2:00 PM


  • Morning Tour: Regal Cinema, Colaba
  • Afternoon Tour: Regal Cinema, Colaba


  • KAMATHIPURA (RED LIGHT AREA): An area well known but rarely talked about, the Kamathipura district is a land harbouring a torrid affair between man and his sexual desires. Prostitution out in the open, and families torn and broken, these lanes speak of stories with distorted realities and unfavourable outcomes.
  • DHOBI GHAT: See the Dhobiwallahs or human washing machines, scrubbing, washing and beating sheets and clothes from Mumbai's largest hospitals, hotels and garment industries at this busy open air laundry locality!
  • RECYCLING AREA: Everything old from plastics to metal come from all over to be recycled at Dharavi. See the recycling plants in which separation and melting of the wastes takes place.
  • BAKERY: Khari Biscuits hot and fresh from the source, available in every kind and served on a platter!
  • POPADDOM MAKING: Watch the Dharavi women making poppadoms, the essential appetizer before every Indian meal. It is done by drying them on wooden baskets, turned upside-down.
  • RESIDENTIAL HOUSES: Bask in the creativity of the humble dwellings of the incredible people of Dharavi.
  • KUMBHARWADA POTTERY COLONY: Watch artisans create all types of pots out of unfired, sundried clay and even learn a thing or two.

Organiser : slum gods

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the longer yard dharavi tour

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