The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Education
Oct 7, 2021 - Oct 7, 2022
02:00 PM - 02:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Social media has many roles. It is also useful in education. Social media can be described as a set of online platforms that allow people to interact and share information. It is a key tool for information sharing and commutation. It is essential that people use it for productive purposes. These platforms are most popular with students. Students can easily share information and support each other with difficult academic tasks. Students can share their knowledge with others, such as by helping to choose social media research paper topics. Some of the most important ways that social media can be used for education are:

Facebook page used to broadcast educational alerts

Facebook offers many features. Facebook allows you to create a page that you can post updates and alerts. Teachers can create such pages and have all students follow them. This page can be used to share assignments, discuss, and update students.

Use of Facebook Group to stream live tutorials and discuss

Hot features include the ability to stream live from educators. Teachers and students can create groups to live stream discussions, or do important assignments. These groups can also be used for learning as a group.

Use of Twitter as a messageboard

Twitter is another popular social media platform that supports education. Twitter can be used by teachers to post educational messages and content. Consider creating a Twitter account for students to share and follow the most important classroom needs.

Instagram photo essays

Sometimes students need visual content to learn. This is where Instagram comes in. Instagram allows teachers and students to share learning photos in a visually appealing way. Digital storytelling is also possible for students.

Create class blog

In today's digital age, blogs are very common. Students can create a blog for their class to share important information. Students can use the blog to complete assignments and have important discussions.

Students are given assignments to prepare blog posts and essays

Teachers can assign blog posts to students by giving them assignments. Blog writing can be applied to many subjects.

Create a class Pinterest board

Teachers and students can make learning Pinterest boards for each class using social media. Instructors can use this social media platform to organize academic resources and create a course plan. Pinterest is a great tool for classroom activities.

Education marketing via social media

Teachers can reach a wider audience with social media to market their educational content.

Integration of social media links into institutional websites

You can also include social media links to school websites. These links can be used to redirect web visitors, such as students and parents who are interested in schools they don't know much about.

Support to share school events and photos

Social media allows students to share photos and events from school. It's a way to attract potential students to different schools.

Formation of interest-based Facebook Groups

Students and teachers can create groups using social media via Facebook.

Support for Social Media Crisis Strategy

Teachers and students can reach everyone via social media platforms in the event of an emergency, such as a fire at school.

One-stop account management

All social media accounts of schools can be grouped under the same umbrella, making it easier to support school activities.


Sometimes, people often misuse social media. These tips can help you transform social media into an educational environment.

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The Best Ways to Use Social Media in Education

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