Nov 6, 2016
01:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Epicentre, Apparel House Sector 44

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THEME - Fabric of Change

We live in a world that’s rapidly changing, we’ve seen so much change since we were born - climate, lifestyles, cities, economies, jobs, technology, connectivity, food, values, cultures, health. There’s been change for the better and change for the worse. There’s change that’s not in our hands and then there’s change that we can make happen. Every day that we don’t act is a wasted opportunity. It’s time for us to realize that it’s our turn to consciously bring about positive and tangible change.

One person, one minute, an action each day. With millions choosing action and weaving the Fabric of Change, there is no limit to possibilities. This edition of TEDxGurugram explores how the impact of each thread is in the hands of the individual and what it takes to make a good fabric.

Join us. Meet your community, take in the creative energy, find your allies and learn from one another. Think about “What did I come here to do?”

VENUE - Epicentre

SPEAKERS - 9 TEDx Live Talks & 1 Exclusive Video Talk

SESSION 1 - Change Through Rural Innovation

Kalyan Akkipeddi - A Search for Resilience

Ulrike Reinhard - When a Skateboard Transforms a Village

Prem Singh - Cracking the Farming Code

SESSION 2 - Change Our Ways Of Learning

Sushant Verma - Smart Cities need Smarter Design Education

Elko Kilpi - Changing Patterns of Work and Learning

SESSION 3 - Change We Can Weave

Namit Arora - Civic Sense for Change

Nazia Erum - Confronting our Conditioning

Tanya Kewalramani - Watch Out for Your Material Karma!

SESSION 4 - Changing Perspectives

Angad Chowdhry - The Future that Watches Us

Jay Kannaiyan - A Recipe for Eudaimonia

EVENT EXPERIENCE - Walkable Art Installations, Photography & Technology

Immerse in walkable art installations with facts about Gurugram, experience photography exhibitions and technology innovations.



Organiser : Antje Pfahl

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