Sunday Film-Making Course, Bangalore/ Bengaluru

Jun 18, 2017 - Sep 24, 2017
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
1, Shanthi Road (Gallery & Studio), Bheemanna Garden,Shanti Nagar
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Do you want to make feature films, TV shows, webseries or short films? But can't spare the time to learn full-time? Join the 12th batch of Storygram’s popular Sunday Film & TV Script and Direction Course, conducted & organised by Manjushree Abhinav, the film-maker, novelist and teacher who has taught at Storygram, FTII (Pune) NID (Ahmedabad), SRFTI (Kolkata) and Srishti (Bengaluru).  Due to the special anniversary discount, the course is fabulous value-for-money right now, with the fees being lowered to Rs 19,600 (all-inclusive) for the 4-month course. This certificate course, designed for working people & students, will have full-day classes on Sundays over 4 months, so you can pursue your filmi dreams while taking care of the responsibilities of your work or studies. For Details, Call +919825476446 or Email

***“Manjushree is a kickass teacher. Thanks to Manjushree’s workshop, I discovered my creativity. This is the perfect course for people who love to make films while working.” - Hrishikesh Devhare, Senior Manager, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited***


• PRACTICAL-ORIENTED, WELL-DESIGNED SYLLABUS: More than 50% of class time would be devoted to hands-on film-making, so that you learn how to transform your ideas into films that light up the silver screen. While the course is practical-oriented, the theory portion would help you develop a sound understanding of the basics of story-telling and film-making. You will also be watching many world class films to appreciate the different aspects of filmmaking.

• CERTIFICATE: You would be given a certificate at the successful completion of the course.

• MAKE A SHORT FILM: You would write and direct a short film. The cinematography and editing would be done by professionals from the Industry, which would be a great learning experience. It would also result in a well-made film which you can be proud of and use as your show-reel as well as submit to film festivals.

• FREE STUDY MATERIAL: You will be given complimentary soft copies of important books, scripts, links to useful websites and free scriptwriting software.

• FULL-DAY CLASSES on SUNDAYS over 4 MONTHS: The course would span across four months of Sunday classes, starting mid-May. If you dream of becoming a filmmaker, but can’t leave your job or studies, you can now have your cake and eat it too! By joining this course, you can finally learn to film your dreams, without forsaking the responsibilities of your work and studies.

• DEMAND FOR FRESH VOICES: The Indian web, film and television industry is looking for fresh voices. With the success of 'different' kinds of online content, films and TV programs, there is a demand for out-of-the-box thinking, for writers and for directors who understand the art and craft of film-making. It’s a great time to enter the field.

• FTIIan FACULTY: The course is conducted & organised by Manjushree Abhinav. She is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. She has made several documentary films and authored a novel, ‘A Grasshopper's Pilgrimage'. Before establishing Storygram, she taught various aspects of film making like scriptwriting, filmmaking and, video editing, at some of the most prestigious film schools in the country: at the Film & Television Institute of India (FTII, Pune), National Institute of Design ( NID, Ahmedabad), Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute of India (SRFTI, Kolkata) and Srishti School of Art and Design, Bangalore. The visiting faculty will be from reputed institutes like FTII, SRISTI School of Art and Design, Chitra Kala Parishad, etc.


^ A NEWCOMER: The course would equip you to enter the Film and Television Industry as an assistant director or to make short films independently.

^ A SHORT FILM-MAKER: YouTube and digital technology have revolutionised filmmaking. You can shoot a film on your mobile phone, edit it on your computer, put it online – and millions of people can watch your work. The technology is easy, but the art and craft of filmmaking have to be learnt.

^ A BMM/ BMS Student: The BMS/ BMM course introduces you to various mass media, leaving you a jack of all trades and a master of none. If you want to specialise in films and TV, this course is just right for you.

^ ANIMATORS will understand the narrative structure of film making, which is an important aspect of animation.

^ A MEDIAPERSON who’s learnt on the job: You would benefit from learning the basics formally and getting your fundas clear. Also if you are a professional who is already working in the film Industry in another capacity: It would help you become a full-fledged director.

^ From the CORPORATE SECTOR: The course would add to your qualifications since films are a very important medium of corporate communication & advertising.

For Details, Call +91 98254 76446 or Email

• VALUE FOR MONEY: Register soon to avail the special anniversary discount on the fees. The discounted fees of Rs 19,600 (all-inclusive, non-refundable) cover the classes, the practicals, refreshments during classes, a directory of the Film & TV industry and study material like books and cds.

  •  DISCOUNT of 10% FOR WOMEN, and

    ^JOIN-WITH-UR-FRIENDS DISCOUNT: If you join the course with a friend, both you (who are the introducer) and your friend who you are introducing to us would get a cashback/ discount of Rs 2,500 on your fees.

    • MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: The fees can be paid by cash, cheque, ewallet, online transfer, credit cards and debit cards.

    • CREDIT CARD EMIS AVAILABLE: It's also possible to pay the fees in upto 18 EMIs by Credit Cards.

    Hurry! For Details, Call +91 98254 76446 ASAP or Email


    ^ The Process of Making a Film

    ^ Creative Writing

    ^ How to Write a Script. Audiovisual Writing & the Format for Writing the Step-outline, Screenplay and Script

    ^ The Elements of Scriptwriting: Characterisation, Plot, Setting & Theme

    ^ Screen Grammar: What is a shot? The editing transitions that can be used to join two shots: Cut, Dissolve, Fade, Wipe, Bleach. The various elements of shot-taking: Image Size, Camera Angles, Camera Movements, Lighting, Camera Speed, Colour. The Rule of Thirds & the Golden Points. Lenses. Depth of Field and Selective Focus.

    ^ Shot Breakdown

    ^ Continuity and the Imaginary Line

    ^ Ways of Shooting

    ^ Preparing for a Shoot

    ^ Directing Actors

    ^ Assisting in Direction

    ^ Sound Design

    ^ The Principles of Editing

    ^ How to Make Your Own Low-Budget (or No-Budget) film

    Comments about Storygram and Ms Manjushree Abhinav by former students:

    ***“Storygram’s film-making course is a wonderful hands-on platform to begin your journey in film-making. As a writer fascinated with the magic of the written word, I was captivated by the way Manjushree guided us into the world of techniques and technicalities. The warmth of a small group crazy about cinema adds to the charm of this workshop.” - Sunanda Pati, Writer ***

    *** “What can I say, Manjushree ma’am was one of the best tutors I had during my masters in Screenplay Writing at Cept University. She changed my perspective to the events in my life and I mashed them into my writings. Life is Cinema and she made me see it.” Twinkle Pithadia, Business Executive & Author ***

    *** “Learning film making from Manjushree has really helped me learn the practical aspects of the art. I made my own short film under her guidance and this gave me tremendous confidence to work with the industry people.” - Abhi Indrekar, Independent Film Maker ***

    For Details, Call +91 98254 76446 or Email


    Organiser : Manjushree Abhinav

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    Sunday Film-Making Course, Bangalore/ Bengaluru

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