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Mar 25, 2019 - Mar 27, 2019
10:15 AM - 05:30 PM
Ashirvad, 30,Saint Marks Road Shanthala Nagar,Ashok Nagar

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What's this workshop about?

Are you tired of putting yourself last? Of doing things because you "have to"? Do you sometimes give in and later resent yourself and others for it?

Or do you push people around to get what you want want? Do you lose connection and then feel clueless about how to restore it?

Do you long to find a balance between making choices that care for both your needs and the needs of others?

Join us and...

Develop inner clarity about what's going on for you
Learn how to express your message in a way that serves life, and strengthen your capacity to listen to the other
Turn any interaction into one of collaboration and mutual benefit
Learn practical tools to help you resolve conflict, and engage authentically with others be it at home, at the workplace, or in social settings
You can read more about NVC here

Who can attend?

This workshop is open to all, irrespective of prior NVC experience. If you would like to learn the basics of NVC or deepen your skills, do join us.

What is NVC?

We all grew up in environments in which the focus often lies on what is “right/wrong”, “appropriate/ inappropriate” or “deserved/undeserved” etc. This habitualised way of thinking and communicating tends to drive us apart in arguments, it drains our energy in any interactions with others and sometimes even leads to permanent disruptions.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers a concrete set of tools which enables us in any situation to navigate conversations towards what is possible, what is empowering for everyone, and what makes life more enjoyable. And to keep this focus, even though it might require practice and particular determination at times.

NVC works like a compass that sets us on track to create fundamental shifts in any given situation. It...

*Responds to the flow of life, its point of reference is always the NOW
* Creates clarity about our own emotions, our needs and those of others
* Supports us in never giving in or up on our own needs while hearing others’ needs
* Helps us to be fully honest with ourselves and to communicate from that honesty without any blame
* Gives us power to hear others with openness even if their messages are tough
* Is not only interested in conflict resolution, but equally interested in the celebration of life
* Simply has much more to offer than we see ourselves being able to communicate here on one page.

The facilitators:

L'aura Joy

L’aura Joy is a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (CNVC, USA). She has been sharing and living this practice for the past 8 years, and has traveled and shared in different countries and contexts, ranging from the corporate sector, to schools, to NGO's working with women and street kids. Most of her work has been in India, although she has also worked in Canada, UK, Switzerland, USA, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Having grown up in Auroville, an international intentional community in Tamil Nadu, L'aura is passionate about exploring how we can live our lives in empowered and co-creative ways. Nonviolent Communication offers such a clear, yet deeply powerful and transformative framework within which to explore both our inner realities as well as outer relationships. In addition to NVC, L'aura is also trained in Restorative Circles and Sociocracy, and she applies these approaches to her work with justice, conflict resolution and governance in Auroville.

L'aura has been a pioneer in bringing NVC to India and has supported an ever-growing community to emerge. She has hosted and organized several international events here, and has published NVC books and teaching material. In addition, she has offered her own training programs and has worked with leading transformation coaches and HR managers, exploring NVC as a means to transformation and sustainable change.

Stefan Gebert

"I work with people to facilitate honest, meaningful and goal-oriented communication. The driving principle in my work is to co-create new paradigms with groups and individuals - in order to move forward with increased awareness, alignment and the skills for personal leadership. I so enjoy NVC for being do-able, providing us simple yet enormously powerful tools to express what is real in us with care and listen for what is real in others, anytime."

Stefan is a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (CNVC, USA) and a Certified Leadership Coach (Leadership that Works, New York). He holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Sociology and further certifications in Adult Learning/Group Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Based in India since 2009 Stefan works internationally, mainly with corporations and agencies for international cooperation.


Aditya has been practicing NVC for five years and is passionate about using it in corporates and organizations. He is currently a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication


Ranjitha Jeurkar is a communications professional and has been practicing NVC for five years. Having experienced empowerment through NVC, she is now passionate about sharing it with individuals to support them speak up for their needs, manage conflict and deepen their relationships. She is currently a certification candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication

How much does it cost?

Contribution: Rs. 7,500
Includes: Tuition fee, Lunch, tea and snacks for 3 days; handouts and materials


Please go to the following webpage to register for the workshop:

  1. ​Ashirvad,
    30,Saint Marks Road Shanthala Nagar,Ashok Nagar,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Organiser : Ranjitha Jeurkar

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