Slingshots 2017 - The Next 100 Million

Feb 17, 2017
02:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Startup Tunnel, D 57,100 Feet Road Chhattarpur Enclave
New Delhi,India

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Over the course of the past decade we have seen India’s export-oriented technology sector morph and grow into a fleet of new consumer internet businesses that serve India’s own people. This began with E-commerce which shipped products and continued with On-demand models which provided services at consumers’ doorsteps. Many thousands of urban Indian workers have come to be employed in these two sectors alone and many of the everyday life needs of India’s 60 million urban and affluent Indians are already being served in this way.

But what of the rest of urban India? Are there now opportunities to expand further to serve the remaining 100 million? This is the question we aim to ask and answer through an annual gathering of investors, advisors and entrepreneurs well-known as ‘Slingshots.’ This event is a live conversation about building the future. We host and curate the unpopular opinions of leading investors through the popular ‘Counter Thesis’ platform. We feature emerging sector and verticals where panelists join issue with one another about how it will develop. We feature promising new startups with a new story or model to share that we can all learn from.

Slingshots will begin at 2.00 pm on Friday the 17th at the Vihara Innovation Campus, where Startup Tunnel is located.


2.00 Inaugural Panel: Is the 100 Million Real? 

3.00 Panel: A New Approach to Healthcare?

4.00 Panel: Cleantech as a Scalable Sector?

5.00 Counter Theses: Opportunities - Challenges for Future Investments 

6.00 Startups Showcase: MrMed, PoolWallet, Agencyonnet, Tranxact, Bookmybank, Junkart

7.00 Revisiting our Ecosystem

8.00 Cocktails and Live Band

Organiser : Startup Tunnel

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Slingshots 2017 - The Next 100 Million

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