Learn how to build modular web applications using Django in 20 hours (Dec 2013)

Learn how to build modular web applications using Django in 20 hours (Dec 2013) - Explara
Dec 7, 2013 - Jan 4, 2014 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Learn how to build modular web applications using Django in 20 hours (Dec 2013)

What is Django?

Django is a free and open source high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Django's primary goal is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites, commonly known as Web applications. Django lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly by automating as much as possible. Django follows the model–view–controller architectural pattern. It emphasizes reusability and "pluggability" of components, rapid development, and the principle of DRY (don't repeat yourself). Python is used throughout, even for settings, files, and data models.

Course Objectives

● You will learn to create dynamic web applications using the Django framework

● At the end of the course, you would have created a small web application using Django

● You will understand key aspects of Django and why it is a powerful and flexible framework for developing web applications

● You will understand how to implement various aspects of web applications using the Django framework

Who should attend

People who aspire to build world-class web applications.


● Basic practical knowledge of Python

● Basic practical knowledge of HTML

Hands-On Activity

● This course includes significant number of assignments work where you will build a web application using Django.

● You are expected to spend 30-40 hours on assignments in addition to the classes

Course Certificate

● You will receive a course completion certificate from SkillBrew upon successful completion of the course

Delivery method

● LIVE interactive virtual classroom classes delivered online

● Quizzes at end of each class to reinforce the learning

● On demand support from Instructor through dedicated forum on SkillBrew.com

● The classes will be recorded and put on SkillBrew application where you can view it as many times as you wish

Setup Requirements

● You should have a PC (laptop or desktop) connected to Internet. The PC could be running Windows, Linux, Apple operating system

● You should have at least 512 kbps connection to Internet to view the virtual classroom classes

Course Duration

● 4 weeks

● From 7th December 2013 to 4th January 2014

Class Days – Saturday and Sunday

Class Time – Classes will be conducted from 10 am – 12.30 pm IST on all class days

Class Schedule – 8 classes x 2.5 hours each

● 7th December 2013 (Sat) & 8th December 2013 (Sun)

● 14th December 2013 (Sat)

● 21st December 2013 (Sat) & 22nd December 2013 (Sun)

● 28th December 2013 (Sat) & 29th December 2013 (Sun)

● 4th January 2014 (Sat)

Instructor: Pavan Verma

Pavan Verma is a technology entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of P3 InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (http://p3infotech.in). Pavan has been developing software for more than 12+ years. During his career, he has led development of multiple products at NetApp and Solidcore. Pavan is very passionate about emerging technologies around Cloud Computing and the trend of applications moving to the Cloud. Pavan studied Computer Science at IIT Delhi and University of Michigan and did an MBA from IIM Kozhikode where he was Gold medalist of his batch.

Pavan has been developing web applications in Django for more than 2 years. During this period, he has designed and developed several web applications for his own company as well as for Clients.

Course content

1.  Class 1 – Introduction to Django

1.1. Course introduction

1.2. Introduction to Django

1.3. MVC architecture

1.4. Brief demo of Installation, Setup, and “Hello World” project (30 minutes)

1.5. Comparison with other web frameworks

2.  Class 2 – Basic Models, Templates, Views

2.1. Basic models

2.2. Introduction to mini social network app

2.3. Create models for mini social network app

2.4. Basic urlconfs

2.5. urlconfs for mini social network app

3.  Class 3 – Basic Views and Django Admin

3.1. Basic views

3.2. views for mini social network app

3.3. Basic templates

3.4. Templates for mini social network app

3.5. Django admin

4.  Class 4 – Forms and More Templates

4.1. Django forms library

4.2. Form validation and errors

4.3. Form widgets

4.4. ModelForm

4.5. More templates

5.  Class 5 – More Models and Views

5.1. More urlconfs

5.2. More models

5.3. Syncing model changes with database

5.4. Generic views

5.5. Class based views

6.  Class 6 – Sessions, User Authentication, and Deployment

6.1. User authentication

6.2. Sessions

6.3. Static and media files

6.4. Production settings

6.5. Deploy using nginx and gunicorn

7.  Class 7 – Commonly used tools and 3rd party applications

7.1. Django administrative commands

7.2. Debugging Django application

7.3. Debugging network traffic

7.4. Useful 3rd party applications

8.  Class 8 – Overview of advanced topics and wrap up

8.1. Brief overview of advanced topics

8.2. Course summary and wrap up

Virtual Classroom, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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