SILK INSPIRE - Andrea Corsi Master Class

Oct 10, 2017
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Cupangale Society

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This Workshop will be an introspective journey through my personal and work life, and will try to convey how important it is to link your story, your emotions, your tastes and your personality with your own photographs. In a more and more standardised, more and more shared, photographic world, where the photographs are all beautiful, but all are the same, I think they will survive, working out only who can give their photography an extremely personal and personal vision, and not anyone who seeks To standardise their vision of what the market demands, or what the various photojournalists are asking for with the countless and now too many wedding related events, or the many blogs related to our world. Linking our private and personal history to our photographs, so that we can make our vision unique, is crucial. Because we must never forget that we are the men we are, each one different from each other, because we have had a completely different past from each other. The joys we have experienced, the pain we have experienced, are different, and this means that the eyes with which we see the world must be different.

What will I teach

· Understand what it means to have a style

· The importance of removing filters between themselves and their photographs

· Difference between inspiration and copy

· What is matrimonial photojournalism? Many have no idea, even though they are thinking of doing so.

· Differences between photojournalism and other photographic styles

· The importance of storytelling in photojournalism

· Taking the decisive, real, unmanned or fake moment ....

· Less is more, the importance of minimalism and essential in photography

· The balance between knowing how to administer your company and do a job that will gratify us

· Finding your customer's target, customers are not good for everyone ... WE do not have to convince them all.

· Practical advice on customer targeting

· Association and contest .. do they really care?

· The importance of social networks, my use of these tools.

· Only work with fixed optics, an advantage that removes laziness.

· Flash in math photojournalism, differences with other genres

· My postproduction, the genesis of individual photographs and the mistakes that can be made.

What will you learn

The concept of "learning" is a very personal concept and it is very difficult to answer this question. You simply learn by opening your mind to new visions, and not always those who teach can give you precise answers to our questions, it would be presumptuous on the part of the teacher, think of it. The Objective of the Teacher is to make those who listen, ask questions, questions about their vision of marriage photography, a vision that until recently was thought to be absolute and untouchable. Those who will be able to open their minds to a new vision will certainly be able to learn a lot, and try new ways that they have never tried before. The magic recipe does not exist, there is only "to question" and change just because we have doubts that we did not have before.


Organiser : Silk Photos workshops

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SILK INSPIRE - Andrea Corsi Master Class

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