SILK INSPIRE 2018 - Susana Barbera
Oct 6, 2018 - Oct 7, 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
CoWrks New Indiranagar, Swamy Vivekananda Road Sadanandanagar,Bennigana Halli
Bengaluru,India View map →

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Only participants who register for the seminars are eligible to register for the master class workshops.

How to become a Samurai Photographer!

20 Students/ One workshop over two days / $550 (by PayPal directly to the instructor)

The Way of The Warrior: How to become a Samurai Photographer!

  • Are you ready to start seeing and stop just looking like everyone else?
  • Do you want to sell your work or do you want people to fall in love with it and buy it without any doubts?
  • Do you want to have more weddings or less weddings better paid?
  • Do you want to learn how to make better pictures or to fix your bad pictures on Photoshop?
  • Do you want to be a copy or an authentic photographer?

During this workshop, Susana will work really hard to make a before and after on your photography vision.

After many years as an international wedding photographer and teaching wedding photographers all around the world, Susana will show in this special one day Master class, the essential virtues you need to train to become a success photographer.

Using the Honor Code of the Samurai, she will teach you everything you need to become a photographer who learn technique to dominate it so you will not need to think about it anymore and just focus in the most important thing for our clients, capturing moments and emotions.

In this Master class, you will learn:

Creativity - How to be an interesting person will make you be more creative.

Marketing - ¨Love Photography¨ finding your Brand.

What is your talent? - By going through your photos she will help you to find your strengths.

Moments and Emotions - Learning how to feel the situations before they happen.

Street Photography - How to use your street as you free school.

Layers - The secret of telling many stories in just one photo.

Black and White - Her mantra is, "when you photograph in color you just shoot the dresses when you do in B/W you catch people´s souls. “

Goal: Start to love your own vision, treat your clients as heroes, fall in love with photography again, and see how by doing all this, you become a successful photographer.

If you want to make a change in you photography and in your lives, this is your Workshop. 

  1. ​CoWrks New Indiranagar,
    Swamy Vivekananda Road Sadanandanagar,Bennigana Halli,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
    View map →

Organiser : Silk Photos workshops

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SILK INSPIRE 2018 - Susana Barbera

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