SILK INSPIRE - Juyá Gentil Master Class

Oct 10, 2017
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Cupangale Society,

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About your workshop

This Workshop will be ¨A before and an After¨ for your photography. Its intention is to change your notions about light, composition and moments of capture. It is an intensive program that reviews the successes and mistakes of my personal photography, creates a constant analysis and a search for creativity through the light, and also examines several situations that I have had to face throughout my career as a Wedding Photographer.

One of my passions is teaching. I immensely enjoy sharing with others the knowledge that I have learned in other workshops. The past five years and more than 30 editions of this workshop have led me to master this teaching program to the maximum, enabling me to solve all doubts thereby helping its participants to progress.

What will I teach?

- Professional training to obtain an identity as a Photographer

- To understand and make the most out of Natural Light

- Errors and successes in searching for an ideal light

- Artificial lights resources

- Experimenting with "creative lights"

- Tricks to learn how to model couples

- To generate a connection with the Wedding Couple

- To correct composition while the moment elapses

- Errors and correct composition

- Locations on Wedding Day

- To generate a context and to know how to tell a story

- How to capture better moments

- Errors and successes in capturing moments

- Post Production

- To know how to choose the perfect photograph (Edition)

- Portfolio Review

- Review of a complete wedding by Juyá (Analysis of locations and of taking     decisions)

- Developing an idea

- Good and wrong Ideas

- Creative portraits

3. What will you learn?

Learning is a different experience for each one of us. In this workshop, I will share and explain the tools, tricks and tips that have led me to success in the wedding photography industry. If you take full advantage of all the information provided in this workshop, I assure you that your photography will have a significant change and your business will grow exponentially.

** Juyá speaks English, and has been running successful workshops all over the world. He will be teaching in Spanish, and we will have a live translator.  


Organiser : Silk Photos workshops

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SILK INSPIRE - Juyá Gentil Master Class

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