Shivalik Signature-Team of 8
Sep 17, 2023 - Sep 18, 2023
05:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Hotel Searock, Raipur Maidan
Una,India View map →

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Team of 8(Men/Women/Mixed)18-4928
Team of 8(Men/Women/Mixed)49+30

Welcome to the Ultra Racing Era in North.

After setting the trend of Brevets and RAAM Qualifiers in Punjab,now we are all geared up to organize fourth Edition of RAAM Qualifier-Shivalik SignatureAn event which was a dream for every long distance cyclist in Punjab is ready to be turned into reality. Yes, RAAM Qualifier is knocking at your doors.

Event Date: September 17,2023

Shivalik Signature is an Ultra Cycling Race event of 615 Km which is a non-stop race. The event will see the riders cycling across the plains of Punjab and the Kandi region, which lies in the lower Shivalik Hills, of the Kamahi Devi circuit.

Shivalik Signature is listed in the qualifiers for the world's toughest bicycle race- Race Across America, which runs from the west coast to east coast of USA.

What makes the event unique is that it is a non-stop event and gives the riders opportunity to test their abilities with the support of crew and also provides the option to ride as a team. The event holds solo and relay team categories. Solo riders will spend up to 30-32 hours on their bikes, while the team event sees the riders shuffling their roles as part of a relay.

Solo race is RAAM Qualifier and team event is a RAAM style event. Solo racers finishing within cut off time frame for the RAAM QUALIFIER will get RQ finisher medal and will be eligible to ride in the world's toughest bicycle race-Race Across America.This is the fourth edition of RAAM Qualifier in the region of North India. 


EVENT DATESept 17, 2023
RACE START VENUE Hotel Sea Rock, Raipur Maidaan Una
PRE RACE REGISTRATIONSSept 16,2023 | 15:00 Hours Onwards
 BIKE INSPECTIONSept 6,2023 | 15:00 Hours Onwards
RACE BRIEFINGSept 6,2023| 15:00 Hours Onwards


Route of Shivalik Signature is a distance wise challenge. It goes through the major cities of Punjab.

Starting from the City Una H.P. it goes through the plain and smooth highways of Punjab and patch less link roads joining Hoshiarpur, Kothi (Kamahi Devi Top), Dasuya, Pathankot, Holy city Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Sirhind via Landran back to Chandigarh.

Overall, its almost plain route with two climbs: One for kamahi Devi (Hariana to Kamahi Devi road) and another one is while entering Pathankot.

Cue Sheet link:

Note: Final Cue sheet will be provided at the time of registration in the printed form.

There may be some changes in the route depending on the present road conditions or due to some road construction going on.

Bike Type Categories

  • Upright single (Road bike, Hybrid or MTB)
  • Any mixing type bikes are allowed depending on the Indian road conditions.

Time Allowed

SS-Men (RQ)18-4930
Men(Non RQ)Open34
Women(Non RQ)Open36

Rules are framed in order to ensure:

  • Safety of all persons involved
  • Running a Clean and Healthy race with a level playing field for all
  • Creating a Race of International standards
  • Protecting Race integrity and reputation


    • Minimum age of Participation: 18 years; Minimum age for crew: 18 years
    • Every solo and team must have crew/support team. Minimum crew size is 2
    • Any mixing type bikes are allowed depending on the Indian road conditions. Change of bicycles is allowed.
    • Racers must ride the entire route and must follow the exact course.
    • Front light, tail light and helmets are a must.
    • Rider number must be displayed on the bike being used. Bib showing rider number must be visible to the marshals.
    • Aero bars are allowed; Disc wheels are allowed.
    • Front and rear lights must be on 24 hours.
    • 1st Penalty 10 minutes
    • 2nd Penalty 20 minutes (Total 30 minutes)
    • 3rd Penalty 40 minutes (Total 70 minutes)
    • 4th Penalty 80 minutes (Total150 minutes)
    • 5th Penalty Disqualification
  • Bicycles ridden at night must be fully visible.
  • Lighting must meet the following requirements:
    • a) Headlight (visible from 150 meter, 150 Lumens or more)
    • b) Red tail light (must be solid) with minimum three LED bulbs (visible from 100 meter)
    • c) Reflective tape on side of
      • Front fork (15c.m.*1c.m.) Rear seat stay (15c.m.*1c.m.);
      • Rear of pedals or heels of shoes or back of crank arms (3c.m.*1c.m.);
      • And each side of wheel (3-4 pieces of 3c.m.*1c.m.)
    • Riders must wear reflective vest from 1800hrs to 0600hrs during the race.
    • No drafting of vehicles, non-motorized vehicles or other riders is allowed. Any number of team racers can be on the road at any time. Teams may draft, but only among their own team mates.
    • Clock starts at the start of the race, and does not stop for any reason. Your finish time is when you cross the official finish line as per your race book. Penalties will be added to your final time, and that will be your official finish time, under all circumstances
    • All participants must obey all applicable traffic laws.
    • Support vehicles should always display rider information and crew vehicle stickers
    • Hazard lights should be on at all the times while on the road and parked on the roadside
    • Support vehicle should follow the rider and not drive in front of or parallel to the rider.
    • Support vehicle must be completely off the road when providing leapfrog support or exchanging riders, can drive along the rider no more than 4 times in one hour to handover food and drinks. Caution needs to be exercised so as to not block oncoming traffic nor cross the median.
    • Support must be leapfrog during the day and direct follow at night. Racers cannot advance at night without a follow-vehicle.
    • In day hours,direct follow under the bridges/ road construction sites.
    • Participants and racers must not impede traffic. If two or more motorists and/or a single motorist are backed up behind a support vehicle for more than 2 minutes, the support vehicle must pull over as soon as possible to allow other motor vehicles to pass.
    • Crew leader should ensure that adequate sleep time is assigned to all the crewmembers to avoid exhaustion and accidents.
    • Vehicle's hazard lights should be on all times and its headlights on during the night/early mornings.
    • Slow-moving vehicle triangle(it will be brought by the racer); Caution Bicycles Ahead sign; and race numbers on front, rear and both sides (signage stickers will be provided by the organizer at the time of registration)
    • Crew member must notify location every 3 hours by calling at Race Headquarters. They should inform the concerned race official if taking break longer than 30 minutes so as to ensure safety of riders and the crew.
    • Support crews must call race headquarters 5 Kms prior to unmanned control point (Not a Time Station), call again after reaching and report the racer's time of arrival.
    • Racers need not stop at the time station in day hours (All Time stations will be manned).Its mandatory for the Crew to stop at TS and check-in. Its the responsibility of the crew that Rider card is signed at each time station.
    • If any crew member notices that the rider is falling asleep and refuses to sleep, please notify a marshal or the race director to ensure safety of the rider.

Download Rules and Regulations by clicking on the following link.

Rule book  will be provided at the time of registration.

For the complete information regarding the event, please visit

Please like the following facebook page for the regular updates

Get connected with Ultra racers through the following facebook group

By filling the Registration form, I accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in the SHIVALIK SIGNATURE organised by BHARAT ALACRITY.

I/We agree the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participating in THE SHIVALIK SIGNATURE 2023 organised by BHARAT ALACRITY.

Here 'I' is for the participant and 'We'is for the Support Crew accompanying the Participant

  • I/We have read, UNDERSTOOD(if required to be translated by my own) and agree to abide by the Race Rules and Regulations.

  • I/We agree to comply with the traffic and road laws and regulations of India as well as local laws.

  • I/We fully understand and agree that I/We am/are entering this event entirely at my/our own risk and accept without exception full and complete liability for all and any risks and will not hold responsible nor make claims against BHARAT ALACRITY, any of the participants, its OFFICIALS, ANY FACILITATORS, AGENCY, SERVICE PROVIDERS, for any loss, damage or injury or disability however caused in relation to my/our participation in this event.

  • I/We understand & accept that when I/We am/are riding a bicycle, I/We am/are required to wear a helmet of given specification at all times during the event.

  • I/We Understand & Accept that I/We am/are required to comply with all the Safety Requirements set out in the Race Rules & Regulations.

  • I/We understand that BHARAT ALACRITY reserves the right to Refuse or Cancel my/our registration, and will Refund the registration fees after deductions for Payment Gateway Charges. I/We understand that fees once paid will not be refunded under any other case, BUT OR Only if organisers are forced to cancel the event, fees be refunded after subtracting operational costs.

  • I/We agree to sign the waiver form and submit the required information and documents at the time of Race Registration prior to the Race.

  • I/We understand that any attempt at unfair practice, violation  (as determined by the race officials) if proven, will result in immediate disqualification from the event.

  • I/We agree to make the Payment of Registration charges as per the event details, if any dues are left I would be sole responsible for not getting registered or denial to participate.

  • Participation in the Event is subject confirming the race rules & regulations, authorisation from Respective Race Officials after Payment of Registration fees.

  • I/We understand that my/our Participation is subject to various Mandatory Pre Race registration formalities at the designated time, non compliance to any such obligations would lead to cancellation of my/ our participation in the event.

Solo - Registration Fees include Participants' Jersey (1 per participant), stickers for vehicles,Finishers' Medals.

  1. ​Hotel Searock,
    Raipur Maidan,
    Una, H.P., India
    View map →



Legal Name: Saran Preeti

Trade Name:Bharat Alacrity

Contact No. 9463090468

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Shivalik Signature-Team of 8

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