Sequences - A Festival of Animation Films
Dec 18, 2015 - Dec 20, 2015
04:00 PM - 08:00 PM (Pacific/Pago_Pago)
Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi, 48, Hanuman Road
New Delhi,India

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A Festival of Animation | Dec 2015

The history of animation in India begins with the father of Indian cinema himself. In the early 1910s, Dadasaheb Phalke created a short stop-motion animation, capturing the growth of a pea plant. Since then, though it has been relatively underrepresented in the film industry, Indian animation has been kept alive by artists and filmmakers in forms as varied and creative as can be.

While India has become a major outsourcing hub for animated films from around the world, organizations like the Films Division of India and Children’s Film Society India, along with educational institutions and independent artists, have promoted the production and exhibition of social, political, experimental as well as purely story driven animations that are uniquely Indian in their aesthetic.

Through diverse means including publications, exhibits, talks, and of course film screenings, the festival is conceived to trace the lineage of Indian animation over the past hundred years, and to celebrate the work of its pioneers and custodians.


18-20 December: Delhi


Day 1, Friday

[Evening] Early animation [ 5pm – 8pm ]

- Film festival trailer [04m]

- Seminar / lec-dem on the pioneers of animation, in India and the world (focus on Spain)

- Nocturnal (Ignacio Ferreras, 2011) [Spanish / 90m]

- Glimpses of Indian Animation (R. Swamy, 1997) [30m]

Day 2, Saturday

[Afternoon] Collaboration with FD Zone [2pm - 5pm]

- Session on Clair Weeks’ work and lasting influence on Indian animation

- End with discussion on the animators he taught (e.g. Ram Mohan)

- Student Film Screenings [60-70m]

- Open discussion on experimental animation and animated documentary

[Evening] Student Animation [6pm – 8pm ]

- Panel discussion with teachers and practitioners on India’s legacy and the future of


- You Said It (Ram Mohan, 1972) [08m]

- Connoisseur (R.R. Swamy, 1988) [03m]

- The Thinker? (A.R. Sen, 1981) [9m]

- The Balloon (B.R. Shendge, 1980) [07m]

- Ek Anek Aur Ekta (Vijaya Mulay, 1974) [07m]

- Abid (Pramod Pati, 1972) [05m]

- Trip / Udaan (Pramod Pati, 1970) [04m]

- This Our India (Pramod Pati, 1961) [08m]

Day 3, Sunday

[Afternoon] Contemporary Animation [ 2pm – 4:30 pm ]

- Brief talk on current trends in the animation industry

- Fisherwoman and Tuk Tuk (Suresh Eriyat, 2015) [15m]

- The Candy Tree (Somnath Pal, 2012) [06m]

- Tanko Bole Chhe (Nina Sabnani, 2010) [13m]

- Journey to Nagaland (Aditi Chitre, 2010) [26m]

- Raju and I (Gayatri Rao, 2006) [30m]

- Printed Rainbow (Gitanjali Rao, 2006) [15m]

4:30 pm - Chico y Rita / Chico & Rita (Fernando Trueba y Javier Mariscal, 2010) [90 min] Free Entry

[Evening] Closing Films (both are CSFI films) [5 : 30 pm – 9 pm ]

- Manpasand (Dhvani Desai, 2007) [11m]

- The World of Goopi and Bagha (Shilpa Ranade, 2013) [1h 19m]

  1. ​Instituto Cervantes of New Delhi,
    48, Hanuman Road,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India


Organiser : Lightcube Film Society

Lightcube Film Society

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Sequences - A Festival of Animation Films

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