Nov 5, 2016
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM
BHIVE Workspace, L-148,5th Main Road Sector 6,HSR Layout

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Purpose: Sales hacks – Getting higher paying clients fast

Who is this for: Early stage entrepreneurs & SME’s

Session –During this 3hour session we will:

  • Vote on top 1-2 challenges we have
  • Put a business in the hot seat
  • Explore how we could hack our challenge
  • Reflect on what we learnt
  • Also Akshay will share a mix of innovation war stories and screw ups

Outcome of the session: Less like a presentation, more like prototyping

  • Come to realize how common and widespread sales myths are, myths like Sales is a numbers game, Sales techniques are key to performance, my clients’ only care about price and more…
  • Practice new ways of presenting your business solutions
  • Have a systematic approach to track and boost sales
  • Apply 5 levers of profitability
  • Create scripts to address the top conversion barriers to your offer

42% increase in sales & 300% increase in leads 6 months for IT infrastructure firm

“We restructured our business to create recurring revenue that allows us to have a steady flow of income. We have also doubled our monthly billing in the last 4 months” – Joshua Rozario, Founder, Creatives that work

“Applying the Brand Hack Framework helped us convert a dream client that paid us 275% more than our typical customer” â€“ Manasa K, Founder

“Thanks for the wide range of inputs from strategy for big projects, to the tactical details of how upgrade process we have been doing for several years. It’s been a rollercoaster ride with some of our best results ever” â€“ Bharati Ramachandran, Founder, Barapani


Akshay Cherian Co-Founded Business Sherpa ( along with his wife Selvi Radhakrishnan Cherian. Business Sherpa focuses on enabling businesses to create 10x profits in two years and currently leading a portfolio of 8 companies.

As the co-founder of Metaresults has co-led over 50 innovation projects for mid-sized & Fortune 1000 companies with over $10 million in results.

He currently is the executive coach to 21 product teams at institute of product leadership

Akshay has also co-authored a book, Great Work Hack 


Organiser : Yulia Bhive

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