readmyscript outreach program-Faridabad
Jan 7, 2017 - Jan 8, 2017
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Gymkhana Club, Urban Estate, Sector 15A, ,Faridabad, Haryana 121001
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readmyscript is creating champions across India. Champions who read, speak & spell like experts.

Let’s help kids read, speak and spell like an expert with readmyscript program.
Help them become expert spellers and empower them to identify the right pronunciation of almost all of the words by just looking at spellings. Help them develop automaticity, save time, concentrate on core subjects instead and enhance overall academic score.

Automaticity or automatic word recognition is the ability to look at words and read without thinking. Even mild difficulties in automatic word recognition affect a reader’s ability to comprehend text. It diverts attention, reduces reading speed and creates the need to reread the text to grasp meaning.
It is embarrassing and devastating to read with difficulty in front of peers & teachers.
According to the research conducted by NICHD ( National Institute of Child Health & Human Development) in America, children who read well read at least 10,00,000 words per year and children with reading difficulties read less than 1,00,000 words.
Their difficulties understanding what they have read occur because it takes far too long to read words. Leaving little energy to remember and comprehend what was read.
Inability to read and comprehend text makes children feel less motivated to read to learn which in turn impacts their overall academic performance. It affects their self esteem.
They avoid reading to learn and avoid assignments that require reading. In simple words, if they are not able to learn to read they won’t read to learn.
And here in India everybody says that English is a funny language.
Is it really funny? We don’t think so.
We made it funny because we believe that there is no reason behind spellings & the right pronunciation of words we have in English.
It’s too complicated. It doesn’t make sense and we can’t do anything about it. All we can do is just memorize. So, we rely on memorization skills & waste a lot of time & efforts memorizing spellings & their pronunciation.
We often find our students struggling, hesitating, stumbling and taking time to decide on the right way of pronouncing words while reading or speaking. Not being adept at spelling restricts their overall academic performance and employment prospects.


  • Alphabetic unreliability of English spellings.
  • In India about 25% of 8th graders and about 52% of 5th graders can’t read 2nd grade level text.
  • Automaticity.
  • If they can’t read, they will not read to learn.
  • Inability to read affects overall academic performance.
  • Unavailability of genuine content on spelling & pronunciation issues.
  • High remedial learning cost.


With readmyscript, a well researched program, learners would not need to waste time & efforts endlessly memorizing spelling & pronunciation of words. They would become expert spellers and would be able to identify the right pronunciation of almost all of the words. They would also never need to refer to dictionaries for pronunciation & cram spellings. They would save a lot of time and can concentrate on core subjects instead.

  • Improves overall academic performance.
  • No more referring to dictionaries for pronunciation.
  • Self-paced learning.
  • Speak, read and spell like an expert.
  • Freedom from rote learning-apply formulas to decode pronunciation & spellings.

How does readmyscript program help?

If we talk of right pronunciation of words, there is no book, literature, university or institute which can give reasons behind the actual pronunciation of words that we have in English language, but us. If you refer to a dictionary, you can get to know of pronunciation but not the reason. Our program gives learners reasons behind almost all of the words that we have in English language.

It’s a holistic approach that is centered on the root cause of spelling and pronunciation difficulties, which is far more effective than any work ever produced. It helps learner spell, speak and read with confidence; and eliminates all of their spelling, reading, pronunciation and speaking difficulties.

The idea is that even if it’s a new word and you haven’t ever heard of it before; or even if you are looking at it for the first time, after successful completion of the program, you definitely will be in a position to successfully identify the right pronunciation by just looking at spelling.

The students would also be in a position to write the right spelling of almost all English language words, if they get to hear the right pronunciation. As a result, they are in comparatively better position to explore English language in comparison with students just relying on their memorization skills.


  • readmyscript is based on the most appropriate experiential learning methodology for reading, speaking & listening section-saves time & effort.
  • Stakeholders can evaluate learning outcome.
  • Well researched solid base rock content.
  • Innovative disruptive product.
  • Intellectual property.

Duration: 2 consecutive days workshop. 
Timings: From 8 am to 2 pm.
For: 4th to 10 Graders only

sbw r&d reserves the right to refuse participation.

  1. ​Gymkhana Club,
    Urban Estate, Sector 15A, ,Faridabad, Haryana 121001,
    faridabad, Haryana, India
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Organiser : raahul dhillon

Raahul Dhillon

sbw research & development Pvt. Ltd.
1725/8, Faridabad-121006.
Contact: 9690532379, 9350790776, 01294081725.

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readmyscript outreach program-Faridabad

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