ReBalance Volatility Certification Course - RVCC Workshop
Apr 1, 2020 - Jun 1, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:00 PM

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RVCC Certification workshop( 9 modules online NSE Certification program)

Fee Rs 20,000 plus GST ( Online workshop Discount Rs 10,000)

Content of the RVCC Program

· Volatility Game: Understanding concepts of money, power of compounding, the definition of money, various ratios of P/E Ratio, Div Yield ratio, P/B ratio, Market Capital/GDP ratio (MG).

Actual market data is used to conduct the game and analyze real-life situations through gamification.

· Debt Volatility Game: Understand Debt Market Correlation with Yield, YTM, coupon, modified duration, inflation, oil, Currency. Also understand the types of bond, interest rates, credit rating, taxation- all of these through actual real-time data.

· Technical Analysis - Volatility Game: Moving average crossovers, Charting patterns & Trendlines can predict the market trends. Understanding Nifty and specific stock movements through technical analysis. All of these will be obtained through actual dates which are put in a game format.

· Fundamental Analysis - Volatility Game: Applying filters can make the study very simple through the four golden rules of value investing.

Rule 1- Growth in earning

Rule 2- Management Efficiency

Rule 3- Performing Sector Companies MOAT & Competitive Advantage.

Rule 4- Favourable Valuation.

· Derivatives & Options Game

Understanding options, long call, short call, long put, short put

Another option is a trading strategy

Bullish Vertical Spread using Puts

Bearish Vertical Spread using Calls


Boric Option Pricing

Understanding Black & Scholes Option pricing

· Financial Planning Game: Practical Illustration of

Evaluating Financial Goals

Retirement Planning

Human life Value

Education planning

· Influencer Game - Creating Individual Pitch & Strategy: Individual coaching of the participant to create content and vision statement.

· Vision Game: A game to understand the purpose & importance of Group Goals Vs Individual Goals.

Highlights of the Modules in video format is shared below:

RVCC Module 1- The Volatility Game

RVCC Module 2- Technical Analysis Volatility Game

RVCC Module 3- Fundamental Analysis Volatility Game

RVCC Module 4- Debt Volatility Game

RVCC Module 5 - Options & Derivative Game RVCC Module 6- Vision Game

RVCC Module 7- Influencer Game.

RVCC Module 8- Financial Planning Game

RVCC Module 9 Mutual Fund Analysis Game

Feedback of audience/ investors who attend Volatility Game -

Feedback of the RVCC participants


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ReBalance Volatility Certification Course - RVCC Workshop

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