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We probably all can remember our favorite teacher in school. There was just something about them.

Regardless what it was, they made a significant impact in our lives. It’s virtually impossible to come up

with a definitive list of qualities of a great teacher, but here’s a list that offers a good start.

Passionate about Teaching

Passion doesn’t always equate to a teacher jumping around the room or full of charismatic energy.

Passion means their heart and soul are into it. Passion can manifest itself in many different ways. A

teacher can do his or her job without passion. They can go through the motions and still get the job

done. Great teachers teach with passion and it shows in the results they get.Get professional essay writing help with us today!

Student Centered

Some people love to teach a particular subject or subjects, but that doesn’t mean they are student

centered. The best business organizations are all about the customer. The best teachers are all about

impacting students. Could you image a business that wasn’t customer focused? Of course you couldn’t.

But there are plenty of teachers out there that aren’t student focused and students desperately

searching: take my online class for me to find a good teacher. One of the qualities of a great teacher is

remembering that at the end of the day, success or failure is predicated on the impact made on


World-class Work Ethic

Teachers often get called lazy because they work until 3:00 pm and have summers off. But the best

teachers work hard. They are constantly improving and coming up with new and innovative material and

teaching techniques. They work because they want to make a difference in the lives of their students

(see passion). They are not satisfied with yesterday’s success stories.

Lifelong Learners

One of the major qualities of a great teacher is their willingness to change and try new things. What

worked with kids the year before or five years ago might not work this year. The best teachers are

always looking for ways to improve student learning. If you stop learning, you stop growing. Teachers

can become stagnate and bored with their profession if they think they know it all. And once the

boredom kicks in the passion goes away quickly. The best teachers model an attitude and practice of the

love of learning – inside and outside the classroom.


It’s impossible to bring your A game if you are unorganized. Easily one of the most important qualities of

a great teacher is organization. Think about it, being responsible for 30 kids’ education for an entire year

takes some planning and forethought. It takes an efficient person to get through all of the material and

know where each of your students is at in his or her education.Use the help of our custom thesis writing service to get an A+ grade!

Introspection and Reflection

Another one of the qualities of a great teacher is the willingness and practice of reflecting on why things

went good or bad that day, and how you can make them better. Introspective people take personal

responsibility for their results and believe the answer lies within them. These types of teachers are

emotionally mature and will not blame things on others or their circumstances.

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Proper educational help

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