"‹PRANA- VRITTI - A One Day Life Transforming Wel...
Jan 15, 2017
09:30 AM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Hotel Legend Inn, Opp Metro Pillar No. 72Kailash Colony
New Delhi,India

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PRANA- VRITTI Health Beyond Definition…

Ultimate Solution for All Your Health Problems!!!

A One Day Life Transforming Wellness Workshop by Atmayogi Shri AasaanJi

Life–Transforming Guru, Master of Inner-Science & Ancient Healing

The Most Powerful Self-Healing Method & Timeless Energy Techniquecreated by Shri AasaanJi after meticulous research, which is highly practiced & most recommended by Eminent Medical doctors, Healers & Wellness therapist to Heal & Preventoneself from all the Disease, Disorder & Disability to Experience Ultimate Wellness, Vibrant health & Disease-Free for a life timeby increasing the flow of life energy throughout the body.

“Ultimate Power for Total Body Re-Creation”


Ø Increases the Blood flow, Oxygen supply to brain cells , internal organs & endocrine system

Ø Remarkable Increase in Immunity, Brain functions, Psychosomatic coordination & Strengthens the nervous system

Ø Activates Blood circulation & Purification

Ø Total Body Detoxification by purifying the 5 fundamental elements of human body Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space

Ø Improves the overall functionsof all internal organs Kidney, Lungs, Heart, Liver & Intestine & Endocrine Glands Like Thyroid, Pituitary, Pancreas etc.,


  • 100% relief from Blood pressure hypertension, Cholesterol obesity, Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart disorder Cardiac problems & Breathing problemsAsthma, Sinus.
  • Attain Remarkable Immunity & Vitality by increasing the flow of Life Energy.
  • Very Effective for Mental stress, Hormone & Nervous disorders
  • Prevents from all types of Cancer & Chronic Ailments Effortlessly
  • In reality, about 87 % of human populations are not able to achieve their goals not because of lack of education, knowledge, experience & money but due to lack of health.
  • By practicing Prana-Vritti – The Ultimate Miraculous Self-Healing method - The lives of countless people from every social & cultural background has Transformed & Empowered to ‘Regain their lost Health & Happiness effortlessly

The Quality of life is not decided by How long we live, but by How healthy we Live!

“One can make a new beginning to CREATE Peace, Health, Success & Happiness through PRANA-VRITTI – Gift yourself Good Health for a Great life!!!”

Call/SMS Sandeep 9818181991 / Ritambhara 9953559330

  1. ​Hotel Legend Inn,
    Opp Metro Pillar No. 72Kailash Colony,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Organiser : Sandeep Goswamy

Sandeep Goswamy

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"‹PRANA- VRITTI - A One Day Life Transforming Wellness Workshop by Atmayogi Shri AasaanJi

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