Paramotoring at Jakkur

Nov 11, 2018 06:30 AM - Jan 13, 2019 05:00 PM

Jakkur Aerodrome, Near Deccan Gate, Jakkur


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 “You have always looked up at the sky and wished you can fly like a bird, soar like an eagle now’s your chance make it a reality live the dream, soar like an eagle.”

Tandem Para-motoring - Experience flying like a bird

AERO  ADVENTURES brings Para  Motoring  for  the first time in Bangalore for  adventure enthusiast  at an very affordable price

                    A Paramotor consists of a frame that combines the motor, propeller, harness (with integrated seats ) and cage. It provides two attachment  points for the risers of a  paraglider wing that allows  for powered flight for 2  fliers. (Pilot + 1)

            Para motoring is one of the popular aerosports in India. It is also known as powered paragliding. This is a recreational activity where the participant sits on a trike (three wheel cage) along with the pilot and flies. This thrilling air sport can be perfect for adventure lovers. All the safety gears required for the activity will be provided. A briefing session will also be held before the activity. A must experience for every person.



            The event will be normally conducted on :

             Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays  -     06:30 AM to 05.00 PM 

            Tuesdays, Thurdays & Fridays      -    08.30 AM to 12.00   and 03.30 PM to 05.30 PM 

            In case the participant is in groups of more than 4 then the same can be carried out on weekdays too. 

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Know before you go

  • Maximum weight restrictions apply for this activity; generally only customers that are within 80 kg may participate. It will be up to the Pilot to determine specific cut-offs on any given day, as these can vary according to winds. 
  • The total duration of the activity  is Approx 10-12 minutes and is inclusive of briefing by instructors, strapping on and off of safety harness, and actual flying time.  
  • Actual flying  duration will  depend on wind velocity and body weight.The actual flying time might be reduced, subject to the instructor's judgement, in case of bad weather or technical difficulties. No refund will be provided in such cases.
  • In the event of any unforeseen weather circumstances/restrictions by Air traffic Control, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the activity. 
  • The activity is not recommended for Pregnant Women, Back or Neck injuries or any other physical injury due to safety reasons. Please inform the crew/instructor if you have any medical problem. 
  • Passengers under the influence of alcohol  or other mood altering substances will not be allowed to fly.  
  • There may be a short waiting period depending on the number of flyers in queue that day.  
  • Wear comfortable dress and sports shoes. Wearing of shoes is compulsory. Ladies are required to wear salwar or jeans / track suits. The activity cannot be done in a sari because of safety reasons
  •  All no call / no shows for reservations will be charged the full ticket price. Please note this activity is subjected to weather condition. If the gets too windy/rainy which is not favourable /safe for paramotoring, we will rescheduled to your convenient weekend/ date on which activity is scheduled.

Cancellation and refund policy

 •       All no call / no shows for reservations will be charged the full ticket price.

 •       Please note this activity is subjected to weather condition.   If  the weather gets  too windy/rainy  which is not favourable /safe for paramotoring, we will rescheduled to your convenient   weekend/  date on which activity is scheduled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fly in a Paramotor?

It’s simple! Book your flight on this website and turn up at Jakkur Aerodrome as per the Time slot. Our trained and experienced pilots will help you fly. Aero Adventures provides you paramotoring in Bangalore at economical price.

Who can do it ?

Anybody who is fit, age above 4 years and within the weight limit of up to 90kgs, can experience the joy of Paramotoring with us. It will be up to the Pilot to determine specific weight cut-offs on any given day, as these can vary according to winds. The activity is not recommended for Pregnant Women, Back or Neck injuries or any other physical injury due to safety reasons. Please inform the crew/Pilot if you have any medical problem.

Do I need any training, any prior experience or be physically fit to take part in the activity?

No, you only need to meet the specified height and weight requirements. No skills or experience is necessary. Just sit back, relax and let our experienced pilots fly the aircraft, you can freely enjoy the thrill of flying high and feel the adrenaline rush within you. The activity is not recommended for pregnant women, any back/neck or physical injury.

How far or high up will I go?

You will fly with in the aerodrome limits upto range of 200 to 500 feet above the ground.

Can I use my camera while I’m up in the air?

While camera is not allowed at the airport, you can take a mobile phone with you, but at your own discretion. We are not responsible for damaged or lost equipment.

Is it fun?

Yes, of course! Paramotoring is a fun and adventurous flying activity, which will leave you mesmerized. So if searching for adventure trip near Bangalore book a flight.

Where can I avail it?

Currently, we are located in Jakkur Aerodrome and generally conduct paramotering on weekends ( Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), so if you are searching adventure trip near Bangalore you can reach us.  For a group strength of 4 or more paramotoring  can be organised on weekdays too.

In case the group is of more than 30 persons, we can organised it at your location subjected to the ground and area suitability for paramotoring which will be checked by our pilot.

How can I book?

 Book your air flight online at lowest price and reserve a slot for yourself, for one of the best adventure activities in Bangalore.

Do you accept walk-ups? / Do you accept reservations?

Yes, we do accept walk-ups if any time slot is available; however, reservations are almost always necessary. Our time slots fill up early, so book your trip early so you don't have to  wait for your turn. Resereved clients gets priority over walk-ups.

How is it different from Paragliding?

Paramotoring is done with an engine, while Paragliding is not. The engine in Paramotoring ensures freedom of flying with complete control on the aircraft. Paramotoring is also safer when compared to Paragliding, especially when it comes to take-offs and controlling the glider during the flight.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! We have flown over 10,000 customers, maintaining complete safety standards. We have been  in aerosports since 1993.

What happens if motor(engine) stops running while flying?

Most normal powered paraglider landings are accomplished with the engine intentionally turned off. If the motor unexpectedly quits running, the pilot flies the paraglider normally, and glides in for a landing at a safe location. With a paramotor you can land in a very small amount of space which is a huge advantage during an emergency landing.

Where a paramotor /powered paraglider can fly?

From and to any relatively flat surface that is reasonably free of obstructions such as power lines, trees, and fences as long as the flight is not conducted over congested areas or within certain controlled airspace.

What kind of fuel does a Paramotor take?

We use premium unleaded petrol, mixed with premium full synthetic 2 stroke oil usually 40:1 mixture depending on the engine.

How fast a paramotor flies?

Depending on the wing and the size of the wing the average speed can be up to 25-35+mph (+/- wind speed)

How high paramotor can fly?

Paramotors can fly upto a ceiling of approx 10,000 ft, however, generally flown between 200-2000 feet above ground level.

In how strong winds Promotor can fly?

Generally paramotor is not flown if the winds are higher then 10 Km/hour or there are thermals or unsteady air.

What is the best times in the day to fly a paramotor? 

The best time to fly a paramotor is during the early morning hours from 6am-9am and in the evening hours from 5 pm to sunset in the summer hours as winds are generally calm during this period. Flying in these time you will avoid flying in unstable air/thermic air and you will have a much smoother flight with very little chance of any collapses situations due to thermals and unsteady air.  

About Organiser

Aero Adventures have conducting Aero Sports(Hot Air Ballooning, Paramotoring & Parasailing) since 1993. AIt operates under the most stringent International safety norms for aero sports. The activity is conducted by instructor's having more than 15+ Years experience in the field of Aero Sports. The accident free record of the organizer is a testimony to the professional approach of "Safety first".

Jakkur Aerodrome, Near Deccan Gate, Jakkur


Paramotoring at Jakkur

Tickets are not available

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