oOPiCAsSOo production from Germany

Jul 10, 2016 - Jul 11, 2016
04:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Museum Theater, Pantheon Road Egmore

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A colorful play for toddlers (2 years and older)

Produced by Theatre for Young Audiences in Muenster, Germany

Adventurous and with unlimited fantasy two actors discover the world of colours and see themselves and reality in a new and different way. They dip their brush into the paint, a luminous line crosses the sheet of paper.

What will happen next? Do we see a face arising, an animal or something completely different?

It’s up to our imagination and everything can happen when blue, red and yellow meet an empty white sheet of paper.

Inspired by painter Pablo Picasso, who kept reinventing his art and wouldn’t let rules restrict his creative work, Muenster`s theatre for young audiences explores the art of painting with all senses, sounds and music. Color, material, body and voices merge items and situations of the children’s daily life with unexpected ideas and inventive fantasies.

Two actors discover the realm of shapes and colors and thereby create artworks on-stage, that are inspired by Picasso’s playful and creative view on art.

Directed by Julia Dina Heße

Music by Jonas Nondorf

Stage and Costume Design: Kristopher Kempf

Actors: Linn Sanders and Manuel Herwig


Organiser : The Little Theatre Chennai

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oOPiCAsSOo production from Germany

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