NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016
Feb 10, 2016 - Feb 12, 2016
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Hotel Grand Hyatt, Off Western Express Highway,Santacruz East
Mumbai,India View map →

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NASSCOM’s flagship event - India Leadership Forum (NILF) is a microcosm of global thought leadership which is driving this change. Come February every year, over three days, thought leaders and global influencers congregate in Mumbai to address, deliberate and exchange ideas as we ride the next big wave.

Our Theme

NILF 2016, our 24th edition, promises to be yet another thought provoking event centered on the theme of `The Smart Enterprise – Transformative to Disruptive’ - an idea whose time has come.

The expanding limit of computing power is enabling the proliferation of hardware and reducing the cost of connecting people and things. With the combination of superior, ubiquitous real-time computing, massive data streams, cheap bandwidth and hyper connectedness, many business opportunities arise – the ability to create new markets through differentiated products, deepening the customer experience and dramatically altering operating cost structures through greater process automation and removing the latencies of the physical world.

Today, the question on every business leader’s mind is - how do I succeed in this digital era? How do I leverage new technologies to transform and future proof my business? How do I manage this change while at the same time extend the life of existing investments which are generating vital cash flows to my business today?

NILF 2016 will be a multi-track event that will showcase the future, present rich case studies on how global and Indian companies are leveraging these shifts and how the technology provider ecosystem can be the disruptive partner. The emphasis of the discussions will be to outline a call to action and participants to leave with actionable insights. At the conference you will hear discussions ranging from:

  • The Smart Enterprise - the technological as well as the structural dimension
  • Disruptive technologies – what do they mean for businesses
  • Data and disruption: From Insights to Decisions
  • The iConsumer – the era of hyper personalization
  • The connected network of everything
  • The Unicorn leaders – what sets them apart
  • The man vs machine conundrum : Automation, Robotics, Cognitive Computing
  • Software will eat the world – how leading companies are building their tech roadmap
  • A changing embrace– re-architecting the present while investing for the future
  • The Adaptive Organization – when 5 year plans are passé
  • Simplicity Redefined – decoding the rules of simplicity
  • The buyer shifts across the enterprise – building an effective sales strategy
  • The death of competition as we know it : collaboration, adjacencies and ecosystems
  • The shifting face of global sourcing
  • Future of work – the debate on skills versus jobs
  • Building an industry environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Regulatory challenges in privacy and security.

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum, the 2016 edition, is about creating opportunities, catalyzing collaboration and disseminating knowledge for leaders, influencers and the intellectual crème-de-la-crème. Over time, globally it has easily come to be recognized as a melting pot of leaders, thoughts, ideas and provides a sneak preview into a not-too-distant-future.

The three-day extravaganza, a mélange of keynotes, sessions, panel discussions, CXO Meets, Masterclasses, Un-conferences et al, seeks to align a diverse set of individuals and ideas under a commonly recognized theme, and sets about a definitive direction for future. Intense, as it may seem, the social evenings are a whole new experience with characteristic bonhomie doing rounds, as participants get to know each other and fructify the collaborative approach to running enterprises.

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  1. ​Hotel Grand Hyatt,
    Off Western Express Highway,Santacruz East,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    View map →

Organiser : NASSCOM

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NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016

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