Workshop: Storytelling for Technology Business Leaders by Subinder Khurana

Apr 17, 2019
09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
NASSCOM 10000 Startups Warehouse, Diamond District, HAL Old Airport Road ISRO Colony,Domlur
Bengaluru,India View map →

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Ben Horowitz, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz says: “Storytelling is the most underrated skill.”

If you are not using Stories to reach their Hearts, you will not fulfil your Potential.

Leaders cannot lead by logic alone. You have to change hearts, but facts do not win hearts. Stories do. Stories are a direct channel to the Heart.

“It’s not enough to have facts on your side. You have to do storytelling”, says Vinod Khosla, Founder of Sun Microsystems and one of the most respected global VCs ever.

Storytelling is the Secret of Jobs, Musk & Bezos. A core Product Management & Data Science skill. Required for Fundraising, Team building, Sales.

But what is Business Storytelling?  Do you just tell stories?  What stories? When? How?

Some people are born gifted communicators, but the rest of us have to learn the hard way; this workshop is for the rest of us. The Science of business storytelling, by a techie for technology, analytical & business professionals.

Join this workshop if you want to be a more powerful, persuasive & inspiring communicator.

Organiser : NASSCOM Product

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Workshop: Storytelling for Technology Business Leaders by Subinder Khurana

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