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“Industrialization of Disruptive Technologies: ”

Disruptive technologies have disrupted the business landscape in the past few years. Kodak, Blockbuster & Nokia are some of the giants of yore that have been impacted heavily. New giants have emerged that have thrived in the new ecosystem – Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook & Uber to name a few. From traditional to modern, all the businesses have technology touch points that impact the business transactions. Technologies emerge to solve problems that exist; they may further lead to new problems – which may need new technologies to solve them. To leverage the disruptive technologies, conceptual clarity of the technology and the value it can provide in today’s world is essential.  

To keep abreast of these advancements in technology, the theme of NATC has evolved from leveraging disruptive technologies to managing and thriving - in the face of digital transformation. This year the theme is “Industrialization of Disruptive Technologies” - focusing on productionizing/maturing of disruptive technologies – From BlockChain, AI & ML, to Immersive experiences.  

What got us here will not get us there. What exactly is needed to move from POV to Production. And can this knowledge be mutualized. In the new paradigm, industrializing the technology creations through Micro-services, Dockerization and containerization is the need of the hour. SaaS is the new reality. Pay as you go is the new mantra.

NATC – your own purist conference for technologists, will now be bigger & better. NATC 2019 will have 3 days deep dive into technologies. This shall include lab sessions, technology expo and technology awards. The conference shall culminate with technology leaders talking about how about how they developed digital solutions, industrialized and monetized them. The focus this year shall be on the following:

  • Block Chain – is supposed to be the greatest disruption since internet. Distributed ledger system that is immutable and secure. Trust protocol that is riding the world. From banks to businesses, from supply chain to diamond trading, everyone is talking Block Chain. It has grown beyond a platform that supports digital currency to use cases that impact other industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence & ML: The world has become completely digitized. From 1990s, when nearly 20% of the data was in Digital form to the 2000s when nearly 98% of the data is digital – we have come a long way. Images, sound, videos, everything is now stored digitally. Analytics has also advanced from statistical to descriptive to predictive to prescriptive and now cognitive. Cognition has led to machines behaving like humans. Virtual agents and assistants are the norm today. Driverless cars have moved from dreams that we dreamt as kids to the reality. Artificial intelligence in Applications has provided greater insights into businesses and increased profit margins. Bots are the first point of contact of most B2C businesses and many B2B ones. RPA has automated so many rule based tasks leading to enormous savings for not only the BPO/BPS sector but also most service companies. In fact the future is of “Contactor bots” – bots on demand that control other bots. Intelligent Automation is the most commonly used term these days. With Machine learning as the backbone, automation that thinks and optimizes is a reality.
  • IoT: There are sensors for everything today - for your body temperature, hand gestures, even your brainwaves. Knowledge is power. From collation of data to transmission, aggregation, analysis and then visualization, IoT ecosystem covers the complete technology stack and touches base with all the other stream. The platforms and protocols to be used in the IoT ecosystem are evolving and maturing. IoT has huge traction in almost all industries.
  • Augment Reality/Virtual Reality: Digital Interactions have changed the way humans and machines interact. From HoloLens to Occulus, from Metaio to Augment, there are SDKs that can be leveraged to enhance the interactions with machines and make them more experiential.
  • Software Architectures: Complicated systems like the above will need robust software architectures that are built for scale. You cannot rely on the alacrity of the developers all the time to make systems that impact lives, your software will need to drive the same and make it tougher to make mistakes. It should be open enough to plug into anything - hardware or software. It should also have the flexibility to make a large change simple so that you do not rewrite your entire tool every two years.
  • Cloud - We have moved far away from the enterprise software that were installed in-house. In fact away even from traditional SaaS systems. Putting it all on the cloud opens up an entirely new set of possibilities. It makes the entry barrier for startups a lot easier and takes off the burden of provisioning, infrastructure and maintenance from the product teams. They can focus on the business problem at hand and can rely on service providers for the paraphernalia. But to be able to do so, your systems must be built for the cloud, in other words, be “cloud native” or “cloud ready”. Go to cloud is no longer an option but a necessity.
  • A deep dive into Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing – the world of virtual agents and virtual assistants. How they can be productionized. How to handle scalability and concurrency of the virtual assistants, when they are live.
  • Discussions around wearables - augmented and virtual reality. How is ubiquitous and immersive experience handled in this era of mixed reality.
  • Transformations that can be achieved by using IoT in the legacy manufacturing industries
  • Distributed ledgers and Block Chains and the way they impact businesses and processes.
  • Real-time processing and managed services with data
  • Containerization and virtualization
  • A look into how to secure the data at rest and data in transit

Excited? To ride this bandwagon, the NATC 2019 brings these concepts to reality through lab sessions, expert talks, interactive sessions, panel discussions and lots more. To stay relevant and manage this disruption, arm yourself with the technical knowhow that is a key to succeed in the technology transformation landscape.

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Leela Ambience

Ambience Island, National Highway 8, DLF Phase - 3, Gurugram, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 ,Gurgaon


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