Learn How to Master Your Money and Attract Richness into your Life!

Feb 24, 2018 09:00 AM - Feb 25, 2018 05:00 PM

Venue : Hotel Solitaire, Sahar International Airport Road, Sahar Rd

Andheri East, Mumbai

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   Money Workshop Live By Suresh Padmanabhan

  Original | Genuine | Since 18 Years

Russia|Kazakhstan|Nepal|New-Zealand| Middle East| Singapore| Mauritius| Malaysia|India

Money Workshop in Mumbai :

Date- Feb 24 (Sat) and Feb 25 (Sun)

Time- 8.45 AM till 6 PM

Venue : Hotel Solitaire, Sahar International Airport Road, Sahar Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai

Your Amazing Money Journey Starting NOW...

Whats Inside The WORKSHOP 

....  Worlds Most POWERFUL Remedy to Recover Your Stuck Money or Stuck Property.

.... How to PROTECT Your Money from Losing in Wrong Decisions, If you have enough in hand.

.... How to choose and live a POSITIVE cash flow life.

.... How becoming PROACTIVE, instead of reactive will make your investment soar.

.... How to have LONG –TERM, Trouble free system which pays your living each and every month (First Level financial freedom).

.... How to make sure you never have a single event of people ROBBING your hard earned money.

.... How to turn NEGATIVE money sentiments into positive cash flows.

.... Know What it means if You are continuously losing your money in UNNECESSARY things or situations.

.... Know Why REMOVING Negative Money Energy Blocks That Are Blocking Your Success is important for your Future Growth.

.... Why MORE MONEY brings more Stress, Insecurities and Fears and learn How to manage it.

.... SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATION for How to Move from Money to Wealth Creation then to Abundance (Three Stages of Money cycle).

.... Use the MYSTICAL and SPIRITUAL Secrets of Money to Achieve Money Success. 

.... The new found KNOWLEDGE of the universal laws and principles that actually govern money and wealth.

.... How to combine the MINDSET, the SYSTEM and the BELIEF so that money no longer be an issue in your life.

.... Discover EXACTLY How much money You are losing because of lack of correct money education and delay in Action.

.... Learn to Create MULTIPLE Income Stream with Technology.

... Create the Right Mindset & Attitude for Making Big Money

And Much Much More !

PS- If you are reading this please do Understand Your Divine Plan and Higher Calling. 

Respect the Signs of the Universe and take a call of action for your benefit. You can choose to be a part of the Magical Money Journey.


Do You Know The Jewish Way of Managing Money ?

The Jews are Powerful at Handling Money, Because Since Childhood, They have TRAINED Their MONEY MUSCLE in such a way so that they  Always Remain Financially Free.

..... In Life its very important to  develop your Money Muscle 
and learn the way Smart and Wealthy people take their Money Decisions.

This Two Days Intensive Experiential Money Workshop Will Reveal Clear Winning Strategies to  


Attract Big Money, Build Lasting Wealth & Achieve True Financial Freedom !

In this workshop Anyone in Business, Work or Profession will KNOW How to Handle Money and Create Wealth.


                       The Biggest TRUTH is....

The Entire Universe Respects and Supports All Those Who Want to Take Charge Of Their Lives.


THE  FACT is ...

You Start To Control Your Entire Life When You Start To Control Your Money.


Why Money Workshop is Good For You?

Let’s Talk Straight...

  • Many of us over think and under act when it comes to Money. We think, speak, plan, intend, and do everything but the money reality does not change. Our life then remains the same. Only deep determined actions will help.

  • Many of us delay and procrastinate on actions with respect to money. Any delay is a huge cost which you have to pay- Do check your past experience.
  • Not having a grasp on Money, we take wrong money decisions and regret all our life.  This is indeed painful as many decisions can’t be reversed. We have to live with this.

  • This loss creates Fear within us and even opportunities are viewed with skepticism thereby missing wonderful Money opportunities. This is the most dangerous loop which we need to break.

  • Discover Why Many People Find It Difficult to Make Money. Also Why Good People Do Not Make More Money.

  • On your own, Money Journeys are tough. You may have good intent and thoughts. But without Expert Advise you can go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong. We must learn to conserve time, money and energy to achieve our goals.

  • Most follow Trial and Error methods. Remember Trial and Errors with Money are dangerous and not good methods.

  • At the Money Workshop I will handhold you with clear action plans and together we can dramatically step into your new found Abundance.

My Vision For You After Completing The Money Workshop:

                      After the Money Workshop when your feet once again touch the sidewalks, I would like you to feel as light as air, having released all your money burdens and worries. You will walk tall and confident.

                  You will have a sparkle in your eyes whenever you connect with Money.

                  You will realize that Money is a Good Energy.

                  You will recreate your story of life by discovering your true purpose, and awaken to a meaningful life of unlimited possibilities.

                   You will find back the hope, courage and confidence to handle money with style and grace !   

Leading Media About Suresh Padmanabhan and Money Workshop...

.... Suresh Padmanabhan has the experience and expertise to make him a convincing authority on the subject called Money - Pune Times of India 

..... Money Workshop is a Program to discover workable principles and strategies that will dramatically transform business, careers and almost all areas of life - Life Positive Magazine

.... When you are ready and lucky good things come your way. Money Workshop appears at the most appropriate time of your life - Speaking Tree, Times Group

.... Money Workshop is a complete Workshop, from Money to Spirituality and finding the true purpose of life – DNA

.... Money Workshop is creating Friendship with Money.  Wake up and invite Prosperity in your life        Artha -Manthan Sakal Publication

.... Love it or Hate Money, you cannot live without Money. Love Money and Respect Money for Money is Vital to Life Business Line, Hindu

Here are just a few of the tons of comments we received during our previous workshops.

Testimonial 1: By Ravi P , Investor -  Excellent Information – Wish I could have attended something like this 5yrs ago, I could be a millionaire by now.

Testimonial 2: By Sonia, VP Finance -  Superb Workshop, information was so good that I couldn’t get to sleep until 3 am. I am so excited.

Testimonial 3: By Milind, Businessman -  Get the adrenalin flowing through out the workshop, its a complete system to understand the soul of Money which is not taught even by Big MBA institute. Such a power packed and eye opener workshop.

Video Testimonial :

Testimonial 4:  By Bijay Rana Bhatt , Entrepreneur : Click the link - I Earned 50 Lakh in 5 days after the Workshop

Testimonial 5 : Price Santosh Shah From Nepal On His Experiences  Of Money Workshop. Click the Link...

How he took a multi crore decision in Business after attending Money Workshop.

Testimonail 6 :  More Video Testimonials in English

Testimonail 7 :  More Video Testimonials in Hindi

   Become the Superstar in Managing Money Energy

Learn The Smartest ways to attract Big Money, Build Lasting Wealth & Achieve True Financial Freedom in this LIFE only.

Magical Learning and Benefits Your Way...

Money Workshop Is an Original and Authentic Creation by Suresh Padmanabhan, hence most learning’s and experiences will be unique and never found anywhere else.

The Complete Money System by Suresh Padmanabhan- 
Money is about control, budgeting and management. It is highly complex. Not even the best MBA’s teach the practical dimensions of Money.

Suresh Padmanabhan developed a Unique Proprietary System where you will be first able to analyze your present Money reality.  This X-ray and report card can be very scary for most people. But it is important to find this for your own goodness.

This amazing system covers every aspect of Your Money Life. This system may reveal the realities of your insufficient income, reckless spending, zero saving, poor investing, stuck money, huge debts, too many EMI’s etc. Likewise it can also reveal some good aspects of your Money Handling. Discover exactly how much money you are losing because of incorrect money education and delay in Action. There will surely be an Epic change after this.

The Truth Everyone Shares is- How I wish I had known this earlier in my life. 

The 360 degree approach to Money is a path breaking way. One approach is not enough and will not take you anywhere.  You need to Understand Money by connecting to your Money Script of Childhood, knowing the illusions and truth of Money and how to eliminate the behaviors which drain out Money out of your life.

Money is all about Numbers and it is important to get this right each time. You need to dive deep within your subconscious and discover your beliefs and feelings about Money.

Discover the never heard secrets of Money Energy.  Money Workshop is a designer workshop and no Money Workshop is the same. You as a conscious participant create the dynamic content. It is like the most exciting movie you will see.

You will find Suresh Padmanabhan’s subject mastery in this very valuable. Very few people in the world have got this natural gift of sharing with such precision on exactly where you are stuck now and how to get out of any mess with workable solutions.

Learning to See Money in 360 degrees is the Magical Solution...

Your Next Money Level- The first step is How to move from scarcity to generating sufficient Money.

Second step is to move to the next level which is Wealth Creation.

All these three steps are highly complex. But Suresh Padmanabhan has already done all the hard-work to make it simple for you. You will feel blessed to discover these steps. These are epic milestones in your Money journey.

Secrets of Money Energy - Money and Wealth Creation depends on Your Vibrations and Energy. You might be the best in your subject but if Money does not flow to the level of what you deserve and desire, isn’t it sad?

Become one of the Lucky Few to understand the forgotten language of Energy and Vibrations. 

Being a Money Personality- The only person who comes in between you and your Money is YOU. Unravel this puzzle.  Money should be as natural as breathing. This happens when you become a Money Personality.  

The Rat Race- Are you daily thinking about Money, accumulating stress and worries around your Money Life. It’s time to Own Your Life.  Rest can wait.'

 Managing Feelings and Emotions- Greed, Fear, Guilt all cloud our decisions with Money. Say Good Bye to Money Stress, Insecurities and Fears.  Connect to Happy Money.

Respect Money- You will start treating Money with love, respect and gratitude. These are profound transformations and priceless.  These processes are very unique to Money Workshop.

Handling Stuck Money- Why stuck money happens? How to recover your stuck money at the earliest?

Ability to say No- Most money problems start with the inability to say No. Look back at the huge money loss you might already have because you just could not say No. Learn this most important ability. Say No without any guilt.

Ancient Secrets For Modern Living- Suresh Padmanabhan has worked very deep to distill the ancient practices scientifically with modern interpretations.  He has made it practical and of day to day use.

India has a rich legacy of many systems which are timeless and it is important to connect to this. No other culture or country is as rich as India. You will feel blessed to apply these techniques on the path of abundance and prosperity. Suresh Padmanabhan loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has timeless wisdom to share to the world.

Rapid Decision Making- Making Money Decisions is highly challenging. You have to battle with the best in the world for which your interests don’t matter.  The shock is that the whole money system is against you. Yet you have to win the game in style.

We will reveal you techniques on how to take any decisions, even the most complex with speed and confidence.

The Indian Touch- Money is all about the beliefs, culture, traditions, and thoughts of the place where you spent a large part of your life.  Suresh believes that unless you can get into the Skin, Cells, and DNA of your life makeup, you can never find effective solutions. Hence reading western books or listening to western teachers is a half baked approach. Suresh enables you to dive deep to discover your true roots and finally take wings- fly high.

Suresh Padmanabhan firmly believes that the Material and Spiritual can co-exist and his unique system combines both Eastern Processes and Western Methodology to live a Life of Balance and Harmony.

Future of Money- Money is very dynamic. Daily old rules crumble and the new have to be written.  Here we will reveal on how to handle any sudden changes like demonetization, GST like changes that the government incorporates, crypto and digital currencies.  Find Your Strength in Changing and Difficult Money Times.

Suresh believes that there are not many parts to Money which you do not have control. But we should know which parts you don’t control and which parts you do. Understanding this difference is crucial to your survival. The weak uninformed will always be eliminated and only the strong will survive.  Money Workshop will make you strong.

And Lastly : Introducing A Free Unique AR Money App By The Money Workshop Team To Help You Track Your Money Journey Till You Reach True Financial Freedom. Also Daily Increase Your Money Consciousness Habit By The Most Powerful Augmented Reality Visualization.


Who Should Participate ?

Actually Money Workshop is for everyone. We are going to deal with Money from birth to death. So why not learn to handle money in an awesome manner.

Conscious Learning Families- We advice and encourage the entire family to participate for best results. If you are married then as a couple you should do the Money Workshop together. Unless both of you are on the same page, issues with Money happen again and again.    

Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living -  People who are living paycheck to paycheck, with barely any left over at the end of the month, some even having good salaries.  Working people feel that they have less money and one should do business to earn more money. This is the most flawed thought of life.  The art is efficient money management.  

Professionals- Professionals like Doctors are not taught Money Management anywhere. They are experts in their fields but lack of knowledge of Money does not give them the desired status.  Finance professionals like chartered accountants help manage other people’s money but they don’t pay much attention to their own money, because of time and other reasons.

Women – Women are participating in a big way now. The energy has shifted for them. Also woman can equip themselves to face challenges of being a single parent, divorced or in the process of divorce, death of her loved one, being a single woman, being alone in old age etc.

Senior Citizens - Life spans are increasing every day. With each increasing year to your life span can be very complex if Money is not taken care of. Learn to manage money without dependency and with dignity.

Business Owners - Business owners whether small or large have their own set of challenges. Some of them have landed into huge debts. Some are not sure whether to shut down their business or keep continuing at a loss. Some want to diversify or increase their operations but not sure how to go about this. For Business Money is the blood line. So it is prudent to get Money right.

The Debt Trap – Debt is the biggest curse of Money. Huge organizations with all their so called brilliant professional management team are falling like nine pins. Sadly many have lost their company which has been built by their forefathers. So you can understand how difficult Debt Management is. Now you need to come back on track.

Feeling Stuck -  Some are stuck in their jobs and want to quit. But they are not sure how to go about this. Some have already quit their jobs to start a business and they are not doing well. Questions like should I work or do business are most vital questions to life and need deep sure answers.  

Various Questions around Money- What should I do now? Not sure of clear directions. Most of us have small or big questions of Money and life. The more questions you have the less is your grasp.  At the Money Workshop the contents are so powerful to dissolve all your questions. This way you become illuminated.  

The Smart Ones- You have a proven record of increasing wealth, are perhaps already following a system, but are on the lookout for newer and more powerful methods. Maximization of Money is the biggest truth to Money.

 The smart amongst the young are always willing to learn whatever will help them take places. Getting Money right should be the first big step. Rest all falls into place then. You can have a life that you deserve and desire.

Constant Learners - Knowledge is the biggest weapon of the 21st century. Constant learning and being up to date is the mantra.  So those who want to repeat the Money Workshop are welcome. They will discover something new each time. This takes the learning deeper and makes success easier. 

Well, whether you’re scrambling to make ends meet or you’ve got loads of money and want to discover how to generate more and integrate money with your life, Money Workshop is dedicated to all of you to Master the Money Game.

Let’s connect at the soul level...

Money Workshop happens mostly by word of mouth. So if someone referred you, they did for your own welfare. Understand the hidden message of the Divine. 

Money Workshop always appears at the most appropriate time in your life. Pray that money comes easy and you have enough time to attend with happiness and joy. Welcome with your family, friends and loved ones. If you are meant to be a part of the wonderful gathering of beautiful people then the way will be made clear.

Money Workshop in Mumbai :

Date- Feb 24 (Sat) and Feb 25(Sun)

Time- 8.45 AM till 6 PM

Venue : Hotel Solitaire, Sahar International Airport Road, Sahar Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai

Investments for the two day Money Workshop :

Fees include your participation at a good venue, notes, lunch, tea/ coffee etc for both the days.

Regular Investments- Rs 21,000 (Rupees Twenty One Thousand)


We Encourage  Quick Decision Makers and Here Are The Super Special Offers :

Fast Movers- Rs 12,900.00 (Valid For Bookings till Feb 21, 2018)

Go Getters- Rs 15,900.00 (Valid For Bookings till Feb 22, 2018)

Slow Movers- Rs 21,000 (For Bookings  Feb 23, 2018 to Feb 24 


Special Offer To Families and Couple-

20 % off on the Investment

Special offer To Encourage The Gen Next

You should be a student and below 25 years of age (proof required)

Only 5 seats at a special investment of Rs9900.00

Repeat Money Workshop Participants 

Only Rs 9900.00             

*Only 5 seats at a special investment of Rs9900.00 so ACT FAST

Attention : Book Your Seats by Paying Just Rs 2500.00...

Mode of Payment

1) Through Explara Register Link 

Click the LINK to PAY NOW

2) Direct Deposit to bank - 


A/C NO 20542560000077



3) For Payment from outside India send payments by PAYPAL  - paypal email id is 


Contact us : For any Clarity contact Our Team at +919818125710 or 9953559330 

                     Money Workshop is a registered trademark.


More Benefits Coming Your Way....

Personalized Attention, Highly Interactive Experiential Sessions, Friendly Approach, Genuine Care & Concern, Powerful Divine Vibrations and Total Subject Mastery of Suresh Padmanabhan

Workshop Designed Around Participant, In-Depth Q & A Sessions and Many More Surprises.

The Heart of the Money Workshop

I believe that participants should be provided with a sacred space for sharing or asking any of your vital questions. Q and A should be the heart of any talk. 

Remember that reading, watching and consuming information do not take you towards your goals, only Action is the Key. The purpose is to walk out with a clear mind set and workable action plans.

I take full responsibility...

Let the Magic Begin :

Suddenly you discover what you missed all these years. Your whole life has a new meaning.

Our BEST Reads in Various BLOGS :

1) Core Beliefs of Money Workshop 

2)  11 Powerful Reasons On How Money Workshop By Suresh Padmanabhan Will Open The Doors To Your Money

3)  15 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Pay Attention To Money and Wealth Creation

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. So Explore, Dream, Discover”   Mark Twain

Venue : Hotel Solitaire, Sahar International Airport Road, Sahar Rd

Andheri East, Mumbai

Learn How to Master Your Money and Attract Richness into your Life!

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


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