Money Workshop Delhi

Sep 22, 2018 09:00 AM - Sep 23, 2018 06:00 PM

Hotel Conclave Riviera, A - 20 , Kailash Colony , Greater kailash

New Delhi

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


Money Workshop Live By Suresh Padmanabhan in Delhi


Original | Genuine | Since 18 Years, Russia|Kazakhstan|Nepal|

New Zealand|Middle East |Singapore|Mauritius|Malaysia|India

Venue : Hotel Conclave Riviera, A - 20 , Kailash Colony , Greater kailash

New Delhi

Date - 22nd Sep 2018 -  23 Sep 2018, 

Attract Big Money, Build Lasting Wealth and Achieve True Financial Freedom

Inside the Workshop : 

Money Challenges That Anyone May Face :

  • Money not matching up to your true potential
  • Paycheck to paycheck living for many years
  • Expenses more than earning thereby ending in borrowings and a mediocre life
  • Wanting clarity on the right direction of your business or work life
  • Money is in shortage and not sufficient to manage a good lifestyle
  • Working hard for Money and yet the struggle remains
  • Losing Money due to wrong investments, or wrong decisions
  • Landing in Debts and often end up in borrowing money
  • Mismanagement in areas of credit cards, debts, loans, spending and other vital aspects
  • Fear and insecurity over the future of Money
  • Experiencing lack of co-operation within family and or business partners
  • Inconsistency in earning at work and business
  • Same problematic money issues keep surfacing time and again
  • Sudden expenses draining out the Money regularly
  • Genuinely wanting to save money but somehow it just does not happen
  • Finding low energy when it comes to dealing money issues leading to delays
  • Lacking the focus and opportunities to make money
  •  Facing stuck money, stuck property issues and are clueless how to recover it?

and Lastly 

Looking for the right strategies for real wealth creation and true financial freedom

...If you are facing any Money Challenges for a long time, the Money Workshop is a sure perfect solution.

In the Money Workshop you will discover

1) Find back the hope and courage to handle money with style and grace

2) How to go to your next level of Money be it career, business or profession.

3) How not to keep chasing money but allow money to come effortlessly towards you

4) Improving efficiency around all aspects pertaining to money

5) Clear strategies to turnaround your money life

6) Daily Rituals to attract Money and Opportunities

7) Techniques to change your money script and negative beliefs that limit your money flow

8) Energy Secrets that can increase prosperity at work and business

9) Removing blocks that drain Money out of life

10) Clear step by step process to recover your stuck money

11) Discovering why good people find it difficult to make money

12) How at times spirituality can come in the way of making money

13) Handholding you with clear action plan to step into your new found Abundance

14) Very clear Do’s and Don’ts around Money

15) Creating a blue print for your Money future

My Vision For You After Completing The Money Workshop:

 After the Money Workshop when your feet once again touch the sidewalks, I would like you to feel as light as air, having released all your money burdens and worries. You will walk tall and confident.

You will have a sparkle in your eyes whenever you connect with Money.

You will realize that Money is a Good Energy.

You will recreate your story of life by discovering your true purpose, and awaken to a meaningful life of unlimited possibilities.

Leading Media about Suresh Padmanabhan and Money Workshop

..... Suresh Padmanabhan has the experience and expertise to make him a convincing authority on the subject called Money - Pune Times of India

..... Money Workshop is a Program to discover workable principles and strategies that will dramatically transform business, careers and almost all areas of life - Life Positive Magazine

..... When you are ready and lucky good things come your way. Money Workshop appears at the most appropriate time of your life - Speaking Tree, Times Group

..... Money Workshop is a complete Workshop, from Money to Spirituality and finding the true purpose of life – DNA

..... Money Workshop is creating Friendship with Money.  Wake up and invite Prosperity in your life Artha -Manthan Sakal Publication

..... Love it or Hate Money, you cannot live without Money. Love Money and Respect Money for Money is Vital to Life - Business Line, Hindu

Magical Learning and Benefits your way-

 You will get a Free Access to Unique AR Money App created By the Money Workshop Team to Help You Track Your Money Journey Till You Reach True Financial Freedom.

Also you will increase Your Money Conscious Habit daily each step by step  through Augmented Reality Visualization.

The Complete Money System by Suresh Padmanabhan- 

Money is about control, budgeting and management. It is highly complex. Sadly No school or college teach the practical dimensions of Money. 

Suresh Padmanabhan developed a Unique Proprietary System where you will be able to analyze your present Money reality. 

This amazing system covers every aspect of Your Money Life. This system reveals the realities of your insufficient income, reckless spending, zero saving, poor investing, stuck money, huge debts, too many EMI’s etc.

Likewise it can also reveal some good aspects of your Money Handling.  You will realize your own strength and weakness of your money journey.

Discover exactly how much money you are losing because of incorrect money education and delay in Action.

The Truth Everyone Shares is- How I wish I had known this earlier in my life.

**** The 360 degree approach to Money is a path breaking process. One approach is not enough and will not take you anywhere.  Learning to See Money in 360 degrees is the Magical Solution.****

Your Next Money Level- The first step is to move from scarcity to generating sufficient Money.

Second step is to move to the next level which is Wealth Creation.

Third step is to create a workable plan to your true financial freedom.

All these three steps are highly complex. 

But Suresh Padmanabhan has already done all the hard-work to make it simple for you. You will feel blessed to discover these steps. These will turn out to be epic milestones in your Money journey.

Secrets of Money Energy-   Money and Wealth Creation depends on Your Vibrations and Energy. You might be the best in your subject but if Money does not flow to the level of what you deserve and desire, isn’t it sad?

Become one of the Lucky Few to understand the forgotten language of Energy and Vibrations. 

Being a Money Personality- Money should be as natural as breathing. This happens when you become a Money Personality.  

The Rat Race- Are you daily thinking about Money, accumulating stress and worries around your Money Life. It’s time to Own Your Life. 

Managing Feelings and Emotions- Greed, Fear, Guilt all cloud our decisions with Money. Say Good Bye to Money Stress, Insecurities and Fears.  Connect to Happy Money.

Respect Money- You will start treating Money with love, respect and gratitude. These are profound transformations and priceless.  These processes are very unique to Money Workshop.

Ability to say No- Most money problems start with the inability to say No.  Money gets stuck because you cannot say No. Learn the art of Saying No without any guilt.

Rapid Decision Making- Making Money Decisions is highly challenging. The shock you will discover is that the whole money system is against you. Yet you have to win the game in style.

We will reveal you techniques on how to take any decisions, even the most complex with speed and confidence.

The Indian Touch- Money is all about the beliefs, culture, traditions, and thoughts of the place where you spent a large part of your life.  Suresh believes that unless you can get into the Skin, Cells, and DNA of your life makeup, you can never find effective solutions.

Future of Money- Money is very dynamic. Daily old rules crumble and the new have to be written.  Here we will reveal on how to handle any sudden changes in Money rules. You will be untouched with any turbulent changes in the system.  Find Your Strength in Changing and Difficult Money Times.

The weak and the uninformed will always be eliminated and only the strong will survive.  Money Workshop will make you strong.

Let’s connect at the soul level :

Money Workshop happens mostly by word of mouth. So if someone referred you, they did for your own welfare. Understand the hidden message of the Divine. Money Workshop always appears at the most appropriate time in your life. 

Pray that money comes easy and you have enough time to attend with happiness and joy. Welcome with your family, friends and loved ones. If you are meant to be a part of the wonderful gathering of beautiful people then the way will be made clear.


Money Workshop in Delhi

Date-  September 22nd and 23rd 2018

Time-  9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Venue - Hotel Conclave Riviera, A - 20 , Kailash Colony , Greater kailash , New Delhi

Investments for the Two Day Money Workshop-

Fees include your participation at a good venue,  lunch, tea/ coffee

Special Value Addition- Free 7 days handholding online after the workshop to ensure your Money focus and success.

Regular Investments- Rs 14500 for Two Days

We Encourage Quick Decision Makers and Here is a Super Special Offer

Fast Movers (payment should be done by Sep10) - Rs 12500.00

Speical Couple Discount – 17,000 (married or live-in couples)

(Book Your Seat with Rs. 4000 and pay the rest on the spot)

Contact-  Ritambhara : 99535 59330, Sandeep : 9818181991, Bhuwan- 98181 25710

More Value Addition : 

Personalized Attention, Highly Interactive Experiential Sessions, Friendly Approach, Genuine Care & Concern, Powerful Divine Vibrations and Total Subject Mastery of Suresh Padmanabhan

Workshop Designed Around Participant, In-Depth Q & A Sessions and Many More Surprises.

The Heart of the Money Workshop

I believe that participants should be provided with a sacred space for sharing or asking any of your vital questions. Q and A should be the heart of any talk. 

Remember that reading, watching and consuming information do not take you towards your goals, only Action is the Key. The purpose is to walk out with a clear mind set and workable action plans.

I take full responsibility.

Let the Magic Begin : 

The best part is, once you learn and experience the technique, you can use it daily, in most situations and in a practical manner. This gives you absolute control of life in all ways.

Suddenly you discover what you missed all these years. Your whole life has a new meaning.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did. So Explore, Dream, Discover” Mark Twain

PS- If you are reading this please do Understand Your Divine Plan and Higher Calling. Respect the Signs of the Universe and take a call of action for your benefit. You can choose to be a part of the Magical Money Journey.

Every delay can cause Money losses and every right action will add money to your life.  Universe also respects people who take quick actions.

Mode of Payment

Payments to be done at-

1) Through Explara Register Link 

Click the LINK to PAY NOW


2) Direct Deposit to bank - 


A/C NO 20542560000077



Contact us : For any Clarity contact Our Team at +919818125710 or 9953559330 

                     Money Workshop is a registered trademark.

About - Suresh Padmanabhan


 .... Professional Speaker, Mentor & Life Coach on Money, Life and Spirituality, Author

.... Suresh Padmanabhan is a Subject Expert on Money, Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom. He created Money Workshop and has been conducting it worldwide since the last 18 years. He has spoken to more than a Million people.

.... Suresh Padmanabhan was born in a family that upheld and followed the ancient Indian Vedic Tradition. This rich and enlightening legacy became embedded in Suresh DNA, so to speak. He is grateful for this divine grace. All his original and authentic teachings emerge from this Sacred Space.

.... Suresh first book “I Love Money” became an international bestseller with translations in 12 languages. He has been featured in Times of India, Hindu Business Line, Speaking Tree, Zee TV and many leading national newspapers.

       His bestselling books are “I Love Money”, “On Cloud 9” and “Street Smart”

.... Suresh has authored 5 bestselling books, created 7 original and internationally acclaimed workshops on Money, Wealth Creation, Eastern Law of Attraction, and various aspects of Life & Self Growth.

.... His Money Workshop is very authentic and original integrating the best of Eastern Techniques like Ancient Secrets of Energy, Mantra Vibrations, Space Clearing, Prosperity Principles etc. All his teachings are experiential, intense and practical with total subject mastery.

.... He loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has timeless wisdom to share to the world. All his works will reflect this philosophy.

.... He is proud to be an Indian and wants the world to recognize the rich heritage of India.

.... His aim is to impact millions of people worldwide and raise their level of consciousness in all areas, especially pertaining to Money, Life, and Spirituality.

Hotel Conclave Riviera, A - 20 , Kailash Colony , Greater kailash

New Delhi

Money Workshop Delhi

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


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