Money Workshop Delhi - April 2019

Apr 21, 2019
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

The Legend Inn, Kailash Colony,

New Delhi

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


Money Workshop by Suresh Padmanabhan

Suresh Padmanabhan has the experience and expertise to make him a convincing authority on the subject called Money - Pune Times of India.

Original | Genuine | Since 20 Years

 Russia|Kazakhstan|Nepal|New Zealand|Middle East|Singapore|Mauritius|Malaysia|India

Venue - The Legend Inn, Kailash Colony, Delhi

Date - 21st April (Sunday) (Full Day Workshop)

One Day Experiential Workshop in Hindi and English :

Inside the Workshop : 

  • India's Leading & Longest running workshop on Money & Wealth Creation
  • Attract Big Money, Build Lasting Wealth & Achieve True Financial Freedom
  • Money Workshop Will Reveal Clear Winning Strategies on Handling Money and Wealth Creation for Anyone in Business, Work or Profession.

Why Money Workshop is Good for You? Let’s Talk Straight.

... Many of us over think and under act when it comes to Money. We think, speak, plan, intend, and do everything but the money reality does not change.

... Many of us delay and procrastinate on actions with respect to money. Any delay is a huge cost which you have to pay- Do check your past experience.

... Not having a grasp on Money, we take wrong money decisions and regret all our life.  This is indeed painful as many decisions can’t be reversed. We have to live with this.

... This loss creates Fear within us and even opportunities are viewed with skepticism thereby missing wonderful Money opportunities.

... Discover Why Many People Find It Difficult to Make Money. Also Why Good People Do Not Make More Money

... On your own, Money Journeys are tough. You may have good intent and thoughts. But without Expert Advise you can go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong.

My Vision For You After Completing The Money Workshop:

After the Money Workshop when your feet once again touch the sidewalks, I would like you to feel as light as air, having released all your money burdens and worries. You will walk tall and confident.

  • You will have a sparkle in your eyes whenever you connect with Money.
  • You will realize that Money is a Good Energy.
  • You will recreate your story of life by discovering your true purpose, and awaken to a meaningful life of unlimited possibilities.

Suresh Padmanabhan teaches the Art and Science of Money-Business Line, Hindu.

Tried and Tested Systems of The Money Workshop

The Complete Money System by Suresh Padmanabhan- Money is about control, budgeting and management. It is highly complex. Not even the best MBA’s teach the practical dimensions of Money.  The Truth Everyone Shares is- How I wish I had known this earlier in my life. 

The 360 degree approach to Money is a path breaking way. You need to Understand Money by connecting to your Money Script of Childhood, knowing the illusions and truth of Money and how to eliminate the behaviors which drain out Money out of your life.

Your Next Money Level- Lets move from Scarcity, to Abundance, then Overflow. Step on to Perfect Wealth Creation, then to True Financial Freedom.

Secrets of Money Energy-   Money and Wealth Creation depends on Your Vibrations and Energy. Become one of the Lucky Few to understand the forgotten language of Energy and Vibrations. 

Managing Feelings and Emotions- Greed, Fear, Guilt all cloud our decisions with Money. Say Good Bye to Money Stress, Insecurities and Fears.  Connect to Happy Money.

Respect Money- You will start treating Money with love, respect and gratitude. These are profound transformations and priceless. 

Handling Stuck Money- Why stuck money happens? How to recover your stuck money at the earliest?

Ability to say No- Most money problems start with the inability to say No.  Look back at the huge money loss you might already have because you just could not say No. Learn this most important ability. Say No without any guilt.

Rapid Decision Making- Making Money Decisions is highly challenging. We will reveal you techniques on how to take any decisions, even the most complex with speed and confidence.

Future of Money- Money is very dynamic. Daily old rules crumble and the new have to be written.  Here we will reveal on how to handle any sudden changes and find Your Strength in Changing and Difficult Money Times.

Well, whether you’re scrambling to make ends meet or you’ve got loads of money and want to discover how to generate more and integrate money with your life, 

Money Workshop is dedicated to all of you to Master the Money Game.

Money Workshop is creating Friendship with Money.  Wake up and invite Prosperity in your life , Artha -Manthan Sakal Publication

Embark on an Unexpected Magical Journey

Generally one waits for long time, puts in huge efforts to see the Results. Now, there is no more waiting. Once you learn and experience the Money Workshop techniques, you can use it daily, in most situations and in a practical manner. Your whole life has a new meaning.

When you Understand Money, You Understand Life Complete Well- Being

Sacred Space and Open Sharing

I believe that participants should be provided with a safe, friendly and sacred space for sharing or asking any vital questions. Q and A is the soul of Money Workshop.

Remember that reading, watching and consuming information does not take you towards your goals. 

I believe in small cozy groups where genuine transformations happen. The purpose is to walk out with a clear mind set and workable action plans.

Heal your Money Energy and unlock limitless possibilities Speaking Tree, Times Group.

About Suresh Padmanabhan

Suresh Padmanabhan, International Speaker and Author of the best-selling book I Love Money which has been translated into 12 Indian and foreign languages and is an international best seller. He has toured widely all over the world conducting Money Workshops for the last 20 years.

Money Workshop is a complete Workshop, from Money to Spirituality and finding the true purpose of life DNA  Newspaper


Event Details : 

Date- 21st April (Sunday)

Time - 9 am to 6 pm

Venue - Hotel The Legend Inn, Kailash Colony, 

New Delhi 

Investment- Includes Your Participation,Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea,

Regular Fees Rs 9900.00

We Encourage Quick Decision Makers

Early Bird- Rs 7900.00

Repeat Participants- Rs 6900.00

Limited Seats, Grab Your Early Bird Offer, 

Mode of Payment

1) Through Explara Register Link 

Click the LINK to PAY NOW

2) Direct Deposit to bank - 


A/C NO 20542560000077



3) For Payment from outside India send payments by PAYPAL  - paypal email id is 

For More Information Contact

Ritambhara - 9953559330

Bhuwan - 9818125710

Sandeep – 9818181991

If you are reading this please do Understand Your Divine Plan and Higher Calling. Respect the Signs of the Universe and take a call of action for your benefit. You can choose to be a part of this Magical Money Journey.

You may watch testimonials and videos here-

The Legend Inn, Kailash Colony,

New Delhi

Money Workshop Delhi - April 2019

This event has ended. Please contact organizer for more details.


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