Mobile Developer Summit
Sep 15, 2016 - Sep 16, 2016
08:30 AM - 06:30 PM
Indian Institute of Science, C V Raman Ave Devasandra Layout

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MODS is India's #1 Mobile developer conference featuring the cutting edge talks on the world of Mobile User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Mobile HTML 5, Cross-Platform & Hybrid Development, Internet of Things, Mobile development tools and frameworks and much more.

With over 2000 serious and qualified attendees, the best of independent voices and industry expert speakers and solid research on the community's needs, the MODS agenda is unparalleled. You will learn new strategies and technologies ushering in even greater and exciting times for developers in 2016 and beyond. Register now

  1. ​Indian Institute of Science,
    C V Raman Ave Devasandra Layout,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India



Sessions at MODS 2016

Keynote: Being a Developer after 40 - Adrian Kosmaczewski

Keynote: Reading in a New Language - Laura Savino

We are not Scientists; We are not Engineers; We are Storytellers. - Scott Davis

Refactoring iOS Projects - Adrian Kosmaczewski

Making iOS Applications Accessible - Adrian Kosmaczewski

Pro Storyboard Techniques - Joe Keeley

Intro to Async Programming in iOS - Joe Keeley

Speaking To Your Phone: Beyond Siri - Joshua Smith

Neural Networks on iOS - Joshua Smith

Make your iPhone See - Joshua Smith

Making Smarter Games in iOS - Joshua Smith

Making Friends with Xcode: Tips & Tricks from Beginner to Advanced - Laura Savino

Advanced Beginner Git - Laura Savino

iOS Localization with Modern Xcode Tools - Laura Savino

The Selfie Developer - Steve Scott

MVVM-C In Practice - Steve Scott

Pa55W0rd5 $uck! - Steve Scott

A Modern Mobile Web Journey: From AMP to PWA - Paul Bakaus

Rapid Mobile App Development using Ionic - Swaminathan Vetri

Tesing in Android and Why You Should Care - Soham Mondal

Tools for Continuous Delivery in Android - Leena S N

Mutative Design - User, not Users - Faiz Malkani

React Native for Android - Anirudh Sundararaman

Android Open Source Libraries - Anirudh Sundararaman

Developing Apps for Android Auto - Arnav Gupta

Build Kab Milega? Jenkins & Piri to Your Rescue - Tushar Choudhary

Build your Own Bot to Capture VR 360 Images - Tushar Choudhary

Rise of the Invisible Apps - Moving Beyond Visual Interfaces - Abhay Kumar Aggarwal

Android and File System Chemistry - Satish Patel

Android Developer's Toolbox - Paresh Mayani

Cracking the Chatbot Code - Elvis Joel D'Souza

May the #Perf be With You - Prajyot Mainkar

MEAN 2.0 Architecture - Scott Davis

Hands on with Material Design - Scott Davis

What's New in JavaScript (ECMAScript 6) - Scott Davis


Organiser : Saltmarch Media

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Mobile Developer Summit

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