Mindfulness@Work - Managing Outside by Mastering Inside.

Jun 22, 2018
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Executive Development Center, Institute of Hotel Management, Sheshadri Road, Adjacent to Hotel Atria, Near Vidhana Soudha

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Mindfulness is a practical way to enhance EQ. It is a new wave in enhancing and accelerating Agility Culture in organizations through Emotional Intelligence and Leadership development at all levels.

This highly rated program covers what is Mindfulness, what are the benefits of Mindfulness, Mindfulness techniques, BE-DO Framework of Mindfulness @Work, impact of Mindfulness on brain and nervous system, Application of Mindfulness in creativity and innovation and how to thrive in the VUCA world. 

The workshop is highly engaging with a lot of activities, games, videos and practice of Mindfulness techniques to apply in work and day to day life. The program includes 6 weeks of follow up support after the workshop, to inculcate the Mindfulness techniques.


Vishweshwar Hegde:

32 Years of Experience in IT industry. Has transformed several enterprises to Agile and Mindful enterprises. Believes that everyone has a superpower which can be unleashed through Mindfulness.

S Sivaguru:

37 Years of Experience in IT industry. Has coached more than 650 professionals in DevOps and Mindfulness.  Believes that successful individuals and organizations follow just two things: Time and Data Discipline.


Organiser : PM Power Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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Mindfulness@Work - Managing Outside by Mastering Inside.

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