Apr 21, 2017
08:30 AM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
India Habitat Centre, Institutional Area,Lodi Colony
New Delhi,India

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"LeapEdTech" Summit is a conference focused on uncovering and highlighting Bharat specific problems.

The conference brings together decision makers from educational institutions, top investors, publishers, non-profits and entrepreneurs together and helps to forge partnerships.

The conference will mark a presence of some of the most prominent names from the education industry with leaders from Byjus, Teach For India, Central Square Foundation and all top EdTech investors present, where they will share their insights around the opportunities, challenges and future of the education industry and how technology is an enabler in the entire play.

EdTech has become a buzzword among startups, with companies like BYJU's launching to incredible success. But tech is not the reality of the majority of India. Though market penetration of mobile phones is on an ever increase, using technology for education requires far more than just access to a piece of tech. At the conference, the speakers will tackle some of the largest inhibitors to edtech throughout the Indian education system from the privileged students in Tier 1 cities, all the way to the rural schools in places like Rajasthan. Just because it's tech-enabled, do students actually learn? Further, because it's tech, does that leave out the majority of India and those who need it most?

Also regardless of sector, every entrepreneur is obsessed with their product so much that it's hard for them to step out of their head and actually understand problems from their customer's point of view. Discussions at the conference shall serve as a reality check for our EdTech entrepreneurs. Hear from on-the-ground educators talk about some of the biggest problems they are facing, and how the startup community might be able to step up its game and solve India's educators' most pressing problems.

Sales in education is one of the most difficult problems to crack. From institution sales cycles, governmental organizations, educators and parents, it's essential to know which players are the decision makers with the deep pockets, and how to best convince them to give your company a try. While access to users is important, edtech entrepreneurs must be able to deeply understand their buyers as well as their users.

  1. ​India Habitat Centre,
    Institutional Area,Lodi Colony,
    New Delhi, Delhi, India

Organiser : Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta -

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