Kutumbh Translators Community Gathering

Oct 6, 2018
10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

91 springboard, Block-C ,Sector 1



Kutumbh: An Indian community with a simple motto to Learn, Earn and Work. Making it possible for Translator to make the profession as a full-time job opportunity rather than part-time. With a purpose to engage more than a million translators for converting content from different fields in Indian Constitutional Languages.

Devngari: AI-powered Human Translation platform is a unique tool using which the user can get his /her work translated in Multiple Indian Languages. It aims to help in engaging the more clients for different products and ultimately make the different applications, services available for non-english speaking Indian population.

Event organized will bring awareness among translators on

  • Importance of being a part of Indian translation Community - Kutumbh

  • Changing State of Regional Translators

  • How to use the platform and translate content with an ease?

  • How it becomes an Earning source?

This event will include:

  • Meetup Intro To Devnagri

  • Tea

  • Introduction to New Translation platform

  • Introduction to Kutumbh- India’s First Translators Community

  • Games

  • Demo of the application

  • Networking and QA

  • Words from Founders Desk & Industry experts

  • Followed By Lunch

To know more, contact- 9582212488

Mail- gaurav@devnagri.com

Devnagri- https://www.devnagri.com/

Kutumbh- https://kutumbh.devnagri.com/

91 springboard, Block-C ,Sector 1


Kutumbh Translators Community Gathering


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