Kaizen Robotics Program - Exclusive Class 12 Crash Course

May 29, 2017 - Jun 4, 2017
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
IIT Madras Research Park, 1 Kanagam Road, Tharamani,Chennai

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Interested in starting your engineering journey in Robotics and embedded systems, but not sure where to get started from?

We are happy to announce that we are conducting an exclusive program for 12th std students focused to help you choose your field before you take that big step into engineering.

More than 90% of students in the technical institutes of our country study just so that they can get a job and settle down. Though many of these students are very creative and proactive outside college, they do not show the same zeal while understanding the subject. To make things worse, no matter what discipline these students study during their graduation, the only way out for most of them is a routine programming job. Today, IT jobs do not hold the same promise as they used to 5 years back. Most IT companies have cut-down on hiring or are extending the joining dates. 

Our education system, which is heavily dependent on IT industry, needs to adapt quickly. Lema Labs is focusing on emerging technologies which hold a much better promise for future employment, research and development.

Kaizen Robotics Program is a certificate program to provide students a steep learning curve in the field of robotics. Kaizen is a 2 year curriculum for emerging technologies developed by Lema Labs incubated at IIT Madras Incubation Cell.

1. 40 hours of Intensive Training

Our top trainers will conduct intensive training for 5 days which is completely hands on. The students get to learn and feel technology from our experts. During the 5 days, the students build 10 robots. On the 6th day, a competition is held where a problem statement is given and the student along with their team has to solve it.

Post the completion of the intensive training, the students get the confidence to work on any project and develop solutions using technology. So they start their engineering in the right note and make the best use of the next 4 years.

During the course, a very elaborate kit of components required to build the robots will be provided to a team of 3 students. Necessary resources such as theory booklets, practice handouts and software will also be given.

2. Guidance Program

At Lema Labs, we believe that this is the most important part of the program where we help the students on any projects of their interest. In Engineering colleges, Students don’t work on projects because of lack of guidance. We make sure that this is not a problem for the Kaizen students. A Trainer will be assigned to each student who will help them throughout the guidance phase. In case the student is not able to visit our office at IIT Madras Research Park, we also provide guidance through hangout sessions, skype or mails.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 by more than 4000 students.

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  1. Basics of Robotics
  2. Logic Gate based Robots
  3. Micro-controller - Atmega 16
  4. Embedded C Programming
  5. Line Follower Robot
  6. Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  7. Table Top Robot
  8. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  9. Analog to Digital Conversion
  10. interfacing Analog sensors
  11. Light Intensity based Robots
  12. Speed and Direction Controlled Robot
  13. UART - Serial Communication
  14. Computer Controlled Robot & Bluetooth Controlled Robot


29 May - Class 1

30 May - Class 2

31 May - Class 3

1 June - Class 4

2 June - Class 5

4 June - Competition


Participants will be certified by Lema Labs and IIT Madras Alumni Association.

Program Fee

Fee for the program is INR 8500/- (inclusive of all taxes) per participant. The fee includes the training and the 4 month guidance program.

Since we have limited seats, a student must pay an advance of INR 1500/- to confirm the registration. The remaining fees can be paid on the first day of the program.

Payment once done will be non-refundable.

Rules and Requirements:

1. No prior knowledge of Robotics required.

2. A team must bring One laptop of their own.

Queries: / 9677048653, 9003721853

Following review is based on Kaizen Robotics Programs conducted in 2016.

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Organiser : Puneet Murthika

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Kaizen Robotics Program - Exclusive Class 12 Crash Course

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