Know Your Kid - Parenting Workshop

Jul 8, 2017
04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Jayamahal Palace, Nandi Durga Road Extension,Jayamahal

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Do you use following similar  statements in talking to your child?

"How many times should I tell you to shut the door soft? The trouble with you is you never listen."

“Look at the way you eat, you are so clumsy”

“Just you touch the lamp once more and you’ll get a beating”

“I want you to clean up your room,  right this minute”

“Do you think that was a nice thing to do, grabbing the book from me. If you expect people to be nice to you then you have to be nice to them”

"Careful, you’ll get hit by the car”

“Your brother is not so dirty. why are you like this”

And let’s include a million other generic statements into, “lecturing, warnings, threats, verbal aggression, physical smackings, demands to change, punishments???”

If you don’t already know, none of these methods are going to work in today’s world, worse still they are going to backfire against you, sooner or later...

MindFresh steps in with its Parenting Workshop - Know Your Kids. Participate in the program to learn your child's psychology behind their actions. Learn to clean communication strategies and also ways to bring them up as empowered teens.

In Bangalore for the first time, attend Kirtanya's program - Know your kid - A 4 hour workshop for parents with 0 to 11 year old kids. Date: 8th July 2017

Workshop time: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Followed by dinner)

Program Fee:

  • Rs. 3000 if you attend as an individual. Rs. 4,500 if you attend as a couple. It can be husband and wife or two friends attending together to avail the couple offer. 
  • The participants must pay an advance of INR 1,000/- to confirm the registration and pay the remaining fee on the venue on 8th July 2017.

Venue: Jayamahal Palace, Bangalore, Near Cantonment Station. For details contact:  95979 57774


Organiser : Jayamalini Venkat

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Know Your Kid - Parenting Workshop

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