JuliaCon India 2015

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  • JuliaCon India 2015
Oct 9, 2015 - Oct 10, 2015 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

HasGeek is excited to announce a brand new conference featuring the Julia programming language. In partnership with the Julia community and Julia Computing, we present the first edition of JuliaCon India in Bangalore on 9th and 10th October.


Participants attending JuliaCon India will get a feel for the cutting edge in the world of high-performance analytics, see applications of Julia, and learn how to effectively use Julia to solve data science problems.

Julia is revolutionizing how businesses and researchers solve previously intractable problems rapidly. Julia is a high-level dynamic language with a focus on data science and numerical computing. 

Created in 2009, it became a thriving open source project in 2012 with the now famous Why Julia blog post. Today, the Julia project counts over 400 contributors, over 600 packages, and a vibrant community consisting of tens of thousands of users across the world.

In a landscape that is full of buzzwords, Julia refreshingly takes a language based approach to solve fundamental problems, making it effortless to write advanced algorithms. Come to the conference and interact with the creators of Julia – Viral B Shah, Jeff Bezanson and Stefan Karpinski – to learn why a language based approach is essential, and how Julia can help solve some of the most challenging problems.

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