Aug 22, 2015
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
J. N. Tata Auditorium, National Science Symposium Complex, Sir CV Raman Avenue,Near Indian Institute of Science, Malleswaram, 18th cross, Kodandarampura
Bengaluru,India View map →

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Why Innofest now?

Entrepreneurship in India needs disruption. We have to shift from “me-too” business plans to innovation based creation. Its time we move our focus from engineering degrees & build a global stage for engineering minds.

India faces the fear of the middle income trap as we are growing at 7-8% and the only way to avoid this is by building startups that innovate for India & the world’s 5 billion people. The India of 20/20 needs companies with scale that can take Indian innovations to the world, and take on global players coming to India.

Celebrating innovation, empowering action

Creation begins with imagination, turns into innovation with persistent action! InnoFest is that place, a festival where you come to witness the nation's Young Ignited Minds show why & how it's done and inspire you to innovate for the future of India

Innofest is architectured as a festival, in a daring break from a ’traditional event’ format, and run a festival celebrating Innovation.

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