4th IAF India Facilitators Conference - Chennai 2017
Nov 3, 2017 - Nov 4, 2017
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Crowne Plaza, 132,TT Krishnamachari Road CIT Colony
Chennai,India View map →

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4th IAF India Facilitators Conference, Chennai 2017

If you work with groups and facilitate positive outcomes, this conference is for you.

In a rapidly evolving environment today, success comes from transformation. World over facilitation has been a catalyst to positive transformation.

 This conference offers a unique platform, with a basket of 16 concurrent sessions, for  delegates to engage and learn with more than 100 participants from across the country.  This is an opportunity to experience process facilitation methods that help create positive transformation in a journey from  Insight-to-Impact.

Join us and leverage this unique platform that accesses group wisdom through appropriate processes, diligently chosen by Facilitators


IAF conferences have the reputation of providing an informal, vibrant environment that enables learning, giving the learner freedom & ownership on content. This makes the conference a unique experience for even the most seasoned delegates


Whether one is a business leader, people leader, trainer or a facilitator, this conference has something for any active delegate.

  • Discover Group Process Facilitation methods to enhance consensus & efficiency at meetings
  • Get first hand insights into the benefits of a facilitative approach
  • Learn & practice multiple ready-to-use processes
  • Further hone IAF competencies E & F  (Professional Knowledge and Positive Attitude)
  • Deepen techniques by observing others facilitate

  1. ​Crowne Plaza,
    132,TT Krishnamachari Road CIT Colony,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Please read through the session details and choose one from each Session Block A, B, C & D. You will be asked to make a selection at the time of registration.

Sessions Block A

A1 : Uncovering Group Disclosures through Sociometry

Ajit Kamath , CPF

A facilitator needs to make the group feel safe to share with each other so as to really be able to harvest group wisdom.

Sociometry, by definition, measures the “socius”—the interpersonal connection between twopeople (Moreno 1951).

Ajit has been using Sociometry as an Ice-breaker tool to uncover the petals of the groups comfort levels to share with each other. The more they realise that everyone is similar the more they are open to share their thoughts, feelings and rationale.

This session explores the various layers of an individual’s thoughts and feelings that build a participatory environment.

A2 : Integrating Facilitation in Organizations – EnsuringBusiness Impact


Have you ever been in a group where it seemed impossible to come to a decision? Where the vote is 50/50 with little apparent common ground? Where there seemed to be no way for the group to agree or reach consensus and the consequent compromise left everyone feeling He/she had given up something important?  

 The answer to solve this is, Facilitation. Facilitation is increasingly recognized as valuable and necessary piece of organizational growth and it is a practice with multiple applications. Good facilitation can turn chaos into dialogue & leverage conflict towards group consensus and help groups achieve business results. And it can all be done with spontaneity, style & passion. Join me as I take you through a short journey to understand how you can integrate facilitation in your organization to enable change. I would also share with you how we used facilitation in my organization that won us 2 Facilitation Impact Awards this year.

A3 : Exploring the foundational Principle of facilitation

Yateen Gharat , CPF

Come and learn what is Divergence and Convergence!

Divergence and Convergence are the 2 sides of the coin when it comes to Group Process Facilitation. These are foundational elements of Process facilitation.

Lets together De Mystify – Divergence and Convergence.

If one understands these two elements, one can be on the creative journey of Being Facilitator.

We are planning to Co – Explore at least 6 different ways to do Divergence and Convergence.

A4 : Dinobusters! Lets DSI...

Farah Shahed, CPF

Every great innovator acts differently to think differently and, in the end, they make a significant impact around them.

If we really think about the way change happens, we realize pretty quickly that all kinds of ideas are needed – the more evolutionary ones and the more revolutionary ones. And here’s the really fascinating part: they are interdependent.

In this session, the participants will:

• Gain deeper insight into their unique innovation skill strengths

• Bust some old beliefs around innovation – yes Dinobusters!

• Discover key skills to surface new ideas and value-creating innovations

• Craft an action plan to DSI (Do something Innovative)

Sessions Block B

B1 : Facilitating from the inside out: Change your Mental models & transform your facilitation skills

Stephen Berkeley & Kavi Arasu

You have been facilitating for a couple of years and before you know it you have developed mental models of how facilitation should and should not go. Although they may be helpful when we first start facilitating, they may hinder our ability to adapt and be flexible when designing and implementing facilitation interventions. Our mental models, or ways of being,shape our behaviour and can help us either to build bridges or walls. 

This workshop will help you to understand your mental models and how they influence your facilitation and how to better manage and work on your mental models in a systematic way. 

We will also explore the role of community in helping us to be more aware of predominant mental models

B2 : CareerMagic for +Ve Transformation

Sekhar Chandrasekhar , CPF

This is a session for helping participants deepen their thinking about Careers.

And how to think and work towards a +Ve shift in their careers.

This is a session for helping participants deepen their thinking about careers, and how to think and work towards a +Ve shift in their careers.

Often, ‘careermaking’ works on simplistic rules: like ban cow slaughter to protect cows. Desired results are produced obliquely, in non linear ways. Being competent, working hard, pleasing one’s ‘boss’: these form the core of the advice we get. Rarely do we look at jobs systemically, or do we truly understand that we need to factor in our work skills as well as relationship skills and aligning skills into our career strategies.

And, of course, how is one to be motivated day after day after day?? In all of this complexity we often miss out on the absolute essentials:

Meaning and Significance and Higher level goals in careers; Aligning one’s work with the Whole of the People and the Whole of the System; and What to go after and what not to chase after.

B3 : Inside-out Insights to Expanding Perspectives

Shalaka Gundi & Parag Wadhone

Consider this for yourself. Could you be using your senses and perspectives to better ad-vantage?

Usually, we rely on our brain to do the right things for us – and most of the time it does! How-ever, when we need to excel in business, relationships, performance or learning, or when we need to solve difficult personal or professional problems, our brains could use some help.

It may be running the same old programs, hanging on to one-track solutions and hindering a positive transformation of a holistic nature.

Learning how to use our senses and perspectives to our best advantage is one of the most valuable skills we can learn. And once we have the skills, we can apply them in any situation.

Any and all transformation in the world starts from within and radiates to the world outside. The first and key step is self-awareness.

This session will not only help build self-awareness but also awareness about others and their varied perspectives. This will broaden the horizon of your perspective and shift your paradigm from a unilateral to a richer, multi-lateral and a more useful one!

Come and get a glimpse of the power of creating a richer and a more meaningful learning experience in a facilitative way to move one step closer towards positive transformation!

B4 : Abhimanyu to Arjun – A transformative journey

Ganesh Dalvi

Abhimanyu was a brave warrior, he dared to step inside the Chakravyuh. But then he failed since he lacked the knowledge & skills needed to survive &destroy it. A budding entrepreneur, someone joining the corporate world, shift of professions, pursuing passions, chasing dreams, we all are initially Abhimanyus…brave, courageous, definitely with noble intentions but lacking the knowledge & skills. Abhimanyu to Arjun – a process that will help an organization/ individual identify what is most needed to survive in the Chakravyuh& also destroy it, emerging victorious. Using group wisdom, divergence of ideas, deliberating & hence converging to equip oneself with armours, weapons to destroy the Chakravyuh would surely be a transformative journey. 

Desired outcome: Understanding of the process application

Please read through the session details and choose one from each Session Block A, B, C & D. You will be asked to make a selection at the time of registration.

Sessions Block C

C1 : Embracing the Paradox - An Inside out approach to personal transformation

Narasimhan V (Narsi)

EMBRACING THE PARADOX - an inside out approach to personal transformation!

When you know that bad things aren’t so terrible and good things aren’t so

terrific, you can be quietly grateful for whatever occurs. Balance is neither

pessimism nor optimism.”   ― John F. Demartini


Irrespective of what we want to change, our outer world responds only to the person we become inside of us.  We perhaps know this. However, this knowledge and our personal power is put to test by the force of situations we go through in life.

Evolution is in realizing that challenges are not just a natural aspect of life— they are life and leading us to a higher purpose.

 Embracing Paradoxes is about deeply accepting life’s challenges in its totality and not just the pleasant waves that kiss our feet! The confidence experienced by embracing the paradoxes and realizing that things happen ‘for us’ and not ’to us’ enhances our personal power. Its then we lead life with more ease and élan and realize the power of ‘Who I am’ over ‘What I know’. How do we go about transforming our current reality into a preferred future? By the mile it’s a pile, by the yard it’s hard, by the inch it’s a cinch!” goes a quote.

Welcoming you to an opportunity of exploration! Let’s co-create a ‘walk of inquiry’ that promises a life audit and a deliberate creation of personal transformation -  engage, explore, energize!

C2 : Knowing Me Knowing You Knowing others! by being a fly in your mind wall.

Shubha Rajan

Knowing me Knowing you is all about behavioural relationships. A relationship is a bottomless well. Both parties need to just give into it and take whatever comes their way. One cannot demand to receive but needs to understand the other person, their ways and their behaviour.

Towards this understanding Empathy is the only tool that can take one to the other person’s side totally. Therefore to know you I need to know me first. So first an empathy map for the self – Knowing me. Then an empathy map for the stakeholder – Knowing you and then an empathy map for others (clients) – knowing others. The basic theme being that if I know what my reactions are in relation to my life I can attempt at what makes others react or behave in the ways that they do. It is all about keeping the persona unique and understanding their behaviour from their side. If I were a fly on your mind’s wall I would understand your reactions.

C3 : Teamship

Shyam Iyer, CPF

A successful organization may be described as a ‘team of teams’. The success of any organization depends on the success of each team and the team’s ability to co-operate and support each other. Team building culture exists in a company when every person in every team:

• Is capable (has the necessary competencies and knowledge)

• Is willing to cooperate and give his best as a person and as a team member

• Is free to take responsibilities and initiative

We all know what the team is......It’s a group of individuals brought together, work together for the purpose of reaching a common goal. How incredible easy.....right... but building a great team that works together and achieves peak performance consistently can be a difficult task. Handling conflicting personalities, keeping everyone motivated, help them succeed individually and achieving the specific goals..... Is an ART.

C4 : Terrible to Terrific - Transforming Meetings Into Engines of Value Creation

Aisshvarya S. Shah

  • Are the meetings you conduct and / or attend unlocking the massive value creation, that is possible, by people thinking and discussing together?
  • Isn’t this the fundamental purpose of why you (or anybody) conducts and / or attends meetings?

‘Terrible to Terrific’ - this session is designed to help you experience and learn simple and practical ways to transform your meetings into terrific ‘go-to’ meetings which generate results.


To enable participants to develop alternate approaches for transforming meetings into engaging and purposeful discussions

Desired Outcomes of the Session:

Transform meetings into discussions, to be able to:

1. Harness richer and diverse ideas from the meeting participants

2. Generate purposeful high levels of engagement from all the meeting participants

3. Gain higher commitment and ownership for actions

As an added bonus you will create one or two self-generated solutions to immediately improve your participation in meetings.

Session Block D

D1 : Theatre of Stuck-to-Unstuck: Transforming with Collective Awareness

Bharti Dekate

As facilitators, transformations demand us to ask questions that we don’t know answers to.

We often find ourselves entangled in the group dynamic of being stuck in old ways of relating to issues and solutions.

Here’s a new way of relating, interacting, creating and facilitating transformations. Come to experience a new method of ‘embodied learning’ that transforms and heightens the quality of collective awareness and action. Experience a synthesis between theatre, embodied presence, dialogue, stillness and presencing that has the power to connect different communities and their transformational stories. Learn how a blend of social action research, theatre, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue and open space can create transformative experiences.

This workshop provides an opportunity to experience Social Presencing Theatre as it applies to leadership, change and transformational work. You will engage in practices that increase awareness of the “social body”, heighten your sense of inter-personal connection, access creativity, facilitate groups and co-create a space for going from ‘stuck’ to ‘unstuck’. 

You will experience the use of non-verbal techniques to inquire into “stuck” situations in personal and organizational setting and witness the surprising insights and possibilities that emerge from applying this method

D2 : System Traps in Organizational Un-Learning: How to Survive like the Cat with Nine Lives

Kanti Gopal Kovvali

Successful organizations and successful individuals have a hard time leveraging new opportunities. This is because they fall prey to what we call as system traps. Any trap is a deceptive invite that allures the organization and the people within to believe that it is in their own interest to embrace. A trap may even give you the initial comfort that you are on the right track and waits until you fully fall for it. 

System traps destroy successful organizations and successful individuals. Interestingly most well intended advice from consultants, facilitation from trainers and mainstream approaches to change management unwittingly set these traps.

In the session, we want to expose participants to nine traps, how to spot them and nine ways to overcome them.

D3 : TRUST – Cornerstone for Positive Transformation

Sanjay Dugar, CPF & Paankaj Sethi

The underlying factor that can help lead any transformation is “Trust.” Let’s get together for a co-facilitated session, to get into the depth of this topic.

The session would attempt for all participants to get a better understanding of what exactly is “trust”, how can we consciously assess our actions that build or destroy trust, thereby achieving a deeper insight into ourselves, and take actions to position ourselves as ready to take on positive transformation around us, be it within our personal zone, our teams, our organizations, or even the community at large.

Very often it is seen that major transformations happen when there is a strong trust bond amongst all stakeholders, and our attempt in the session is to see how we can build ourselves to strive towards positive transformation, that is a huge need everywhere today.

D4 : Internationalise Your Facilitation

Sunil Verma

The current business environment is becoming more global. With increasing connectivity and more opportunities for social networking, people are engaged with and influenced by one another in ways that were not previously possible. 

 Not only are our client organizations more diverse, but many are also becoming multinational. These changing demographics and cross-cultural dimensions are redefining the expectations of our client organizations.

 Understanding and addressing culture is an important component of making effective organizational transformations. 

Gain insights and exchange ideas about assessments of cultural attitudes in this session. Expand your cultural assessment toolkit to help your client organizations gain awareness of self and of their stakeholders.




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Organiser : International Association of Facilitators (IAF India )

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4th IAF India Facilitators Conference - Chennai 2017

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