Happy Potter and the Egg of Destiny
Dec 8, 2017 - Dec 13, 2017
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
"‹Museum Theatre"‹, Egmore

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"Happy Potter and the Egg of Destiny"


Krishnakumar Balasubramanian (KK), Prashanth Oliver 

Ananya Ramaprasad, Michelle Ann James, Harish Kumar  

Sweta Thallam, Leenard Praveen, Pranav Giridharan  

......... and 45 children of The Little Theatre!

Producer Aysha Rau

Artistic Director KK (Krishnakumar B)

Script & Direction  Prashanth Oliver

Lyrics Rohini Rau & Prashanth Oliver

Choreography Vikas Rao

Music Director Kavita Baliga

The Story

The three great schools of magic compete in the Grand Sorcerer's Tournament to win the Egg of Destiny, the most powerful magical object in the world! The chosen ones from brave Hogwarts, the beautiful Bellebatoms and conniving Mudpots compete in the dangerous and sometimes fatal tournament. 

With twists and turns, ghosts and elves, our underdog heroes Happy and Potter go on an epic journey to find friendship, happiness and most important of all, love, as they try to stop Dumbridge and the evil Lord Voldernath from carrying out their dastardly plot. 

Will our heroes succeed in finding the egg? Or will they fail and fall in the hands of the dark lord? Grab your wands, come to Hogwarts, and be a part of this grand tale of love, adventure, mystery and of course lots and lots of magic!

Language: English

Duration: 90 mins

Suitable for children and adults (2yrs to 90 +)

The Annual Christmas Pantomime is a fun musical comedy with over the top slapstick, foot stamping music and songs and choreographed fights and dances. There's also lots of interaction between the actors and the audience. It's a laugh-out-loud fun evening for the whole family.

  1. ​"‹Museum Theatre"‹,
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Organiser : The Little Theatre Chennai

The Little Theatre Chennai

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Happy Potter and the Egg of Destiny

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