Hands-on Haskell

Hands-on Haskell - Explara
May 15, 2015 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
CRC Ground Floor, IIT Madras

Haskell is one of the most advanced pure functional programming languages, and is coming gradually into the mainstream after 25 years of research and open-source efforts.

Haskell lets you write very correct and well-performing code, in a very concise way, and is known to have a profound impact on the way people approach programming. Not just in Haskell, but in other languages as well.

Hands On Haskell, is a workshop and event aimed at Haskell and FP beginners (without prior experience), and also at experienced Haskell and FP folks to meet up with like-minded programmers in the city. 

The workshop plan and installation details can be found here:


The workshop is free of charge, courtesy IIT Madras and the IITM WebOps club.

Here is the link to the Facebook event , and the Chennai Haskell page, and Twitter channel (@chennaihaskell) for updates. 


5pm-8pm: Introduction to functional programming and Haskell: 

A hands on workshop for Haskell beginners, in setting up a Haskell dev environment (with dockers!), and getting serious with a real code samples and exercises. 

Ideal for: FP dabblers and/or Haskell beginners (no prior experience required)

Requirements: Please bring a laptop

8pm-9pm: Free discussion with and amongst experienced Haskell devs. Talking about emerging functional programming practices and real world experiences.


Tanmai Gopal, Vamshi Surabhi: (IITM CS Alumni) Core developers behind Hasura, a microservice PaaS built entirely in Haskell.
Brandon Simmons: Author of the high-performance concurrent queue library (Unagi Chan), Brandon is here in Chennai for a month to work on Hasura. 

Hosted by: 

34 CrossChennai Haskell and the IITM Web Ops Club.

CRC Ground Floor, IIT Madras, IIT Madras,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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