The Future of Influencer Marketing for Startups

The Future of Influencer Marketing for Startups - Explara
Sep 23, 2017 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
OrangeScape Technologies

2017 is being considered as the year of Influencer Marketing in the digital space, and it has been a buzz word even before the beginning of the year.

While entrepreneurs are still trying to figure out the jargon, we have already reached the final quarter for the year.

This is going to be the theme for our next event in Chennai, "The Future of Influencer Marketing for Startups".

Event Agenda

  • Keynote Session on "Trending Influence: A Breakdown Of Influencer Marketing's Growth In Digital Age"
  • Panel Discussion on "Influencer Marketing: Hype or Hope for Startups?"
  • Targeted Networking with Influencers in the ecosystem. 

The event will witness an amazing panel of entrepreneurs, marketeers, PR professionals and others who have been successfully experimenting influencer marketing while becoming influencers themselves in the space.

We're inviting entrepreneurs, influencers, aspirants and experts to come together to address the common myths, collaborate on the best practices of Influencer Marketing and explore synergies between the influencers and entrepreneurs of the ecosystem.

P.S: We have a gift for you during the event and we're planning to keep it a surprise for now!

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