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Jan 4, 2019 08:30 AM - Jan 6, 2019 06:00 PM

  • Shilton Royale

  • Ashwini Layout,Ejipura,

  • Bengaluru


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LEAD SELF: A 3-Day Certification Course on Emotional Intelligence

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Program Overview:

Being emotional is not Emotional Intelligence! So then, what is Emotional Intelligence?

 A 3-day workshop where participants will work with the Coach and Facilitator to discover for themselves the critical elements that go into the EI Framework.

The driving philosophy of the workshop is Learn-Experience-Reflect-Apply wherein each participant will be able to relate their own life experiences to the EI Framework in order to get more effective in managing self, managing situations and managing others.

In light of the Learn-Experience-Reflect-Apply philosophy, the time spent in the workshop will be approximately divided as under:

Learn  - 20% Core concepts of EI

Engage, Experience, Reflect & Move “ 80%   Application of EI

Program Contents:

  • Emptying your cup
  • A brief history of EI
  • The 2 Clusters, 5 Behavioral Competencies and 25 Specific elements of EI
  • Patterns and Conditioning
  • Locus of Control
  • Assessing your own EI - this proof of concept exercise will be done at the beginning on Day 1, and then again on Day 3 so that participants can calibrate their transformation journey within the duration of the workshop itself
  • Identifying Hidden and Known Competencies
  • The anatomy of the brain and how it affects EI “ a brief module on Neuroscience wrt EI
  • How to use EI to make transformational shifts “ GROW, Gallway Equation, Metaphorical Coaching and other applications that are useful in personal as well as professional domains
  • Unity of Life “ Awareness, Acceptance, and Commitment
  • Environmental & Decision Variables
  • Celebration & Collaboration
  • Reframing using EI
  • Non Violent Communication skills
  • Wheel of Life, Values Inventory and EI overlay
  • Giving and receiving feedback without offending or taking offense
  • Developing empathy, for self as well as towards others
  • Centering and Grounding
  • Weeding your metaphorical garden

In light of the Learn-Experience-Reflect-Apply philosophy, the time spent in the workshop will be approximately divided as under:

Learn  - 20% à Core concepts of EI and associated aspects

Engage, Experience, Reflect & Move “ 80% à Application of EI

How will you benefit:

  • Achieving greater personal awareness
  • Connecting with others more meaningfully
  • Managing stress, engaging in healthy collaboration in personal as well as professional life
  • Improved Optimism & Resilience
  • A stronger inner locus of control
  • Using EI to improve relationship with
    • Self
    • Others in personal life
    • Others in professional life
  • Using EI in your training, coaching, therapy and counselling practice

Who will benefit:

Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is relevant in all life situations, be those domestic or professional. Hence the workshop is open to all participants above 18 who may be a:

  • Student
  • Working Professional from any domain or industry
  • Homemaker
  • HR and L&D Professional
  • Counsellor or Therapist
  • Coach or Trainer
  • Parent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Service sector professional

Venue: Shilton Royale Hotel, Koramangala, Bangalore

Dates: Bangalore: 2019 - Jan 4, 5, 6

Program Investment:  Rs 28,000/- + GST

Certification: Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner

Program Facilitator, Vikram Dhar (India's most qualified NLP Master Trainer, and Executive Coach)

Vikram is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Coach.  He has attended courses with the World’s top Leadership and Executive Coaches - Marshall Goldsmith and John Mattone. He is personally trained, mentored and certified by John Mattone (Former coach of late Steve Jobs) as Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, and Leadership assessor using Leadership Inventory assessment tool.

He is a Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, certified by Dr Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP. He is a certified NLP Trainer accredited by two of the largest boards in the world - American Board of NLP (US) and Association of NLP (UK). He has personally been trained and certified by John Grinder Co-founder of NLP, Robert Dilts (Co-developer of NLP), Frank Pucilik (Co-founder of NLP), Ian McDermott (Tier 1 NLP Trainer from UK), Michael Beale (Richard Bandler certified trainer and coach trainer), Michael Hall (Founder of Neuro Semantics, and Meta Coaching), Shelle Rose (Leading coach from Canada, for Language Work), and works with various Neuro Scientists and Behaviour based experts across the world to create new cutting-edge coaching tools.

Vikram Dhar is a sought-after Award-winning Coach in Asia, having trained participants from India, Dubai, USA, Canada, UK, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Australia, Philippines, Guatemala, Thailand, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Israel, Slovakia... just to name a few.

He was among the top 100 global coaches and was awarded the rising talent award by The World Coaching body in 2017.

He is an experienced Leadership Development and Sales Coach and works with various senior executives and sales teams across the globe.

He has an MS in Computer Science (Bradley University, USA) and is an ICAgile Authorized Coach Instructor, and has coached and mentored Agile Coaching teams across India, UK, China and Philippines for one of the largest companies in the world with 300,000+ global employees.

In his corporate career with Ernst and Young (5 years), and IBM (9 years), he managed teams across India, MEA, and the Asia Pacific, and handled client relationships in MEA and Asia Pacific. He was also associated with IBM Worldwide Coaching Group, as a coach to leaders within IBM.

Manish Malhotra (Leadership Coach)

About 22 years work experience in Management roles & Management Consulting across industries and functions, including about 7 years in Senior Leadership.  

Manish is a Licensed NLP Coach (Certified by Richard Bandler), NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner.  He facilitates Emotional Intelligence based group coaching, and one to one Leadership Coaching.

Some organisations, where Manish has worked: 

Titan Industries – National Retail Operations Manager

Jubilant Retail – Vice President [Business Development, Operations]

Valdel Retail – COO



Shilton Royale

Ashwini Layout,Ejipura, ,Bengaluru

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