International Summit & Exhibition on Digital Transformation Maturity - An Imperative Driver for Growth Economy

Sep 24, 2021
01:00 PM - 08:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Topic: SPICON 2021 - Digital Transformation Maturity conference
Time: Sep 24, 2021 01:00 PM India

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SPICON 2021 - Hosted by SPIN Chennai, a Professional Body of IT professionals. 


This conference aims to provide insights to thought leaders, industry captains, public administrators, enterprise managers, and technology practioners, wanting to leverage, through Digital Transformation, their organization’s business growth.

The Conference will see eminent experts from the Government, Industry, Academia, and Independent Technologists, Consultants and practioners to provide answers to questions such as: What is Digital Transformation of an Enterprise, Why is Digital Transformation imperative to remain relevant in the Business and How can one embark on the Digital Transformation Journey? The Conference will lead to the formation of a Special Interest Group on Digital Transformation to review and finalise SPIN Chennai’s proposed Digital Transformation Maturity for adoption by the Industry and Government to understand the road map for an Enterprise and as well as for national economy.

The endeavour is to learn, assimilate, discover and define the nuances of Digital Transformation from the current global success stories and to improve and leapfrog to create a Digitally Transformed India.

How critical is Digital Transformation Now?

A few years back Watts Humphrey coined the phrase ‘Every Business is Software Business’ to bring home the point that IT was the key differentiator of a product such as an automobile, or a phone or an aircraft, or any business process such as banking, healthcare, defence etc. Hence, he stressed on best practices for software development and built maturity models for organizations that built and developed software. Now we can say Every Enterprise is Digital. Digital Technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, AI, Machine Learning, Communication Networks such as 5G, Lorawan, NB IOT, Device technologies such as MEMs, Flexible Electronics, are converging to enable the transformation of every business process of an enterprise. An enterprise selling products needs to transform all its business process, whether it be production, distribution, sales and support. A service company’s business processes need to be transformed even more so, in delivering personalised service, on demand service, location-based service, innovative deliveries to stay ahead of competition.

Who should attend?

This conference is for all professionals who want to make their career-growth future proof against the tremendous disruptions that are happening in every business enterprise, irrespective of the vertical or domain. The power equation in this disruption will change in favour of end users of the technologies rather than then the creators of the technologies. The maturity of the technology itself is a key enabler for this to happen.

Who are the Speakers?

The invited Speakers will include experts who have driven transformations with success. They will also be people with power to influence policy and implementation of country wide initiatives, Industry captains who have successfully transformed their companies will show case their success and provide insights for others who have adopted the digital transformation road map for future growth, Then there are technology implementers who have shown great success in facilitating the transformation across domains. Finally we have the academicians and technology analysts who can provide insights into key success factors for benchmarking digital transformation.

Who are Hosting this conference?

SPIN Chennai (www, was founded in 1996 as a non-profit body of IT professionals. It’s mission is to spread awareness of best practices in IT Product development and IT enabled services, evangelizing the Capability Maturity Models that helped several IT companies and India become a great global IT player. The Executive Members are highly experienced IT professionals including technologists, process evangelists, quality assurance professionals, consultants, enterprise leaders and entrepreneurs. SPICON is an annual event of SPIN Chennai and every year the theme chosen is always relevant to emerging ideas and concepts that have a major impact on the way Information Technology is used, built and leveraged for growth. This years theme is

“Digital Transformation Maturity - The Imperative Driver for a Growth Economy".


This is a virtual conference. On registration, Zoom link will be sent to your registered email id a few days before the event.

Virtual Event, Web Conference


International Summit & Exhibition on Digital Transformation Maturity - An Imperative Driver for Growth Economy



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